Unroll.Me Offers Critical Insights In Safeguarding Personal Digital Information


Cyber hacks and insecurity had for years plagued the digital space. If you can recall correctly, it was the year that Equifax faced a ransomware attack to its tech, costing the company millions of dollars.

You need to take care of your personal information. Most of the tech companies out there are the ones that fail their clients. Below are some recommendations for securing your digital life as recommended by Unroll.Me, an email subscription company that enables users to halt unwanted subscriptions and unwanted emails.


  1. Frequent Updates

The biggest cyberattack so far is the ransomware called WannaCry that affected over 200, 000 windows desktops in more than 150 countries. Tech experts believe the app was spread to various users through an email. These attacks came after Windows had created security updates preventing WannCry attacks on its devices. No one heeded. The moral of the story: Always ensure you update your OS, Antivirus, password management tools, among others.


  1. Check Privacy Policies

Many people were surprised to learn that Unroll.Me had leaked critical information about Lyft, Uber’s top competitor. Surprisingly, Uber was the recipient of the information. What many people failed to check is Unroll.Me’s privacy policy that gives the company the liberty to collect, distribute and transfer anonymous information to any partner it deems fit. Therefore, always make a point of reading and understanding the privacy policies before subscribing to an app.


  1. Delete Unwanted Apps

The Unroll.Me saga with Uber also revealed the potential of third-party apps to fish out your data. It is not uncommon to find apps in your phone that you downloaded but can compromise your personal information. Once a year, audit such apps, deleting the ones that you least click. In some cases, you can check out a company’s website requesting them to delete your profile entirely.


  1. Use a VPN

Internet broadband providers can track and provide your personal data regarding your browsing history to other brands for promotional purposes. To be safe online, Unroll.Me pushes users to find a virtual private network (VPN) provider.


Broadband service providers route you to the destination website and can, therefore, identify the device you use and the websites you browse through an IP address. By finding a VPN provider, your personal information including browsing history pass through the VPN connection, veiling it from your internet service provider.


  1. Protect the Hardware

The latest iPhone X by Apple and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are the best examples of futuristic phone models. They have the aesthetics and speed. Additionally, they are costlier than previous smartphones.


The trick is to improve the performance of the phone. The iPhone X has a glass back to enable wireless charging. With such a delicate device, shuttering is easy. Unroll.Me urges users to take care of their smartphones by finding a sturdy casing to alleviate cracks. Go To This Page to learn more.


In an article on Techcrunch.com, Sarah Perez writes about the advantages that a service such as Unroll Me can offer the digital mail world. The company shows you how to successfully opt out of certain subscriptions via the online dashboard. Their online tools also allow the user to group and categorize certain subscriptions together. For example, social media updates could be one section while coupons and news email blasts can have their own folder as well.


More about Unroll Me on https://ting.com/blog/unsubscribe-unroll-me-ios-and-android/




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