The Impressive Resume Of Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard understands the world of sports products. A businessman and entrepreneur, Steve Lesnard has spent more than twenty years helping to manage and assist some of the worlds top sports brands. His work with major brands like Wolford and Nike has allowed him to gain valuable experience that has shaped his career.


Steve Lesnard grew up in France where he was one of three children. As a child Lesnard quickly developed a love for sports. They have been a large part of his live. Not only has Lesnard played many sports but he has learned many lessons from them. These lessons have pushed him to become one of the most successful members of the sports industry. Lesnard attended business school in France where earned a degree in entrepreneurship and international business. Years later he would move to the United States where he earned an MBA at Babson College in entrepreneurship.


Soon after college Steve Lesnard began working in New York City for the fashion brand Wolford. Lesnard worked as the company’s marketing director where he was largely responsible for expanding the company’s brand. Lesnard helped to open retail stores during his short time with the company. All of this experience helped Lesnard move into the sports industry.


Steve Lesnard’s first role in the sports industry was working in global sports marketing and product management. In this role Lesnard was responsible for seasonal product creation along with signing athletes in winter Olympic sports. Lesnard had the opportunity to meet he first two snowboard gold medalists at the Nagano Olympics. He would focus his efforts on product development. He believes this experience was valuable to the growth in his career. Lesnard was able to develop products for elite athletes which served as a great learning experience. Read This Article for additional information.


Lenard has gone on to make a tremendous impact in product development world. He is known by many for his work as Global Vice President and General Manager for Nike. He has built quite a resume and appears set for many more years of success.


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