Roseann Bennett: New Jersey Therapist


Roseann Bennett is a therapist based out of New Jersey. Bennett has acquired years of experience with families and couples. She has assisted them with their struggles and goals. Roseann Bennett has worked as an in-home therapist for her clients. Roseann Bennett has served many areas throughout the state of New Jersey. Some of the areas include Somerset County, Warren County and Hunterdon County. Her background is diverse and enables her to relate to her patients and clients.


In 2009 Bennett worked to initiate a center called Center for Assessment and Treatment. Center for Assessment and Treatment is a center for patients manage their struggles. The center has assisted both internally and externally. The center is a charitable organization and is known for serving those who are commonly excluded within the community. Bennett aims to help her clients through online mediums as well. She writes online blogs regarding women in the workplace and mental health. She aims to broaden people’s perspective and educate them on topics that may otherwise not be addressed.


Roseann Bennett has recently begun a new type of program. She initiated a program called Canine Assisted Therapy. Center For Assessment and Treatment will be utilizing “Canine Assisted Therapy” in their efforts. She believes that adding treatment animals to a preexisting regiment will prove to be beneficial and successful. The idea behind the program was sparked after witnessing the bond of animals and children, specially dogs and children.


She has witnessed children on the spectrum for Autism benefit from interactions with animals. In Roseann’s case, the service dog was enrolled in an obedience training course. She hopes her patients will benefit from adding Canine Assisted Therapy to their existing practice in New Jersey. Refer to This Article for related information.




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