Rocketship Charter Schools-The Platform for Success

Rocketship Education is a highly successful charter school platform that focuses on helping children from urban areas learn the keys to success in education. Based out of California, Rocketship Education is geared and designed to help all children learn through a highly interactive school curriculum. The curriculum includes a strong teacher-student-parent framework that employs multiple educational formats for students to learn and excel in.

The significance of Rocketship Schools successes, is that they have chosen to go into urban areas known to have poor educational student success rates and below grade level testing results. Rocketship has already graduated over 15,000 students out of their elementary programs since their beginning roots in San Jose California in 2006.

The charter schools operate in 4 regions of the country: Milwaukee, Nashville, Washington D.C. and California. They operate 21 schools throughout these regions. All of their schools are elementary charter schools. The core of their teaching model involves: smaller classroom sizes, small group tutoring and some online teaching formats for more individualized teaching.

The latest of their schools is scheduled to open in August 2018 in Antioch California. The Schools have received large scholarship grants from private as well as public government sources in addition to their traditional funding. Netflix’s CEO Reed Hasting’s, Professional Tennis player Andre Agassi and the Obama Administration have been all key donors to the Rocketship platform of schools.

The Rocketship ideology was born out of a spirit of creating a positive well developed educational experience for children in at risk educational environments. A majority of the students within the Rocketship population are children who come from urban areas. A full seventy percent of the students at Rocketship are learning English as a second language.

When compared to other schools in similar urban settings throughout the country, Rocketship has a very high success rate in their student body. These statistics include current student body as well as alumni students. In fact, Rocketship Elementary Charter Schools consistently rank in the top 10% of the nation’s urban schools. This includes rankings on national test scores for achievement exams and overall classroom performance.

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