Life Lessons From Golf And Fishing By Paul Herdsman, Co-Founder Of NICE Global


Patience and honesty are two traits that Paul Herdsman utilizes whenever he plays golf or goes fishing. He believes that both sports can provide a person with the tools they need to succeed in life. Both sports can be very competitive. Herdsman has competed in many fishing tournaments. Paul Herdsman’s expertise is in fishing. He loves to fish. His proudest moment is when he won one of the largest fishing tournaments in the state of Florida.


Herdsman utilizes his problem-solving skills to reason out why the fish aren’t biting and plans out his next steps. Fishing does teach patience as not every fishing spot brings in the fish. There are also fishing lures to consider and the deepness of the water. When he used to go on fishing tournaments Herdsman studied the area, talked to the fishermen that fished the area and made other preparations. He believes that even if you’re only doing some recreational fishing you should be prepared.


Golf isn’t Herdsman’s first love. Paul Herdsman took up the game in his early twenties and is mainly a weekend golfer. Golf is a more relaxing sport for Paul Herdsman. He likes the fact that golfers are expected to be honest. Golf can be challenging as you keep score with your fellow golfers and try to stay out of the traps.


Herdsman uses strategic thinking, which is one of the hallmarks of both competitive fishing and golfing. Herdsman believes that fishermen and golfers that utilize strategies have a better outcome than fishermen and golfers who don’t strategize. There is a lot to plan whenever you fish. You have to decide whether you are going to fish in shallow or deep water. You need to pick the right lures, have the right rod and bait to catch the right fish. There is also a lot to plan when you golf, but it’s not as detailed. Read This Article for additional information.


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Matthew Fleeger Advances the Success of Gulf Coast Western, LLC

Gulf Coast Western, LLC. is a venture whose specialty is exploring, developing and acquisition of oil and gas reserves chiefly in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Additionally, it centers on properties that have a geological and geophysical edge plus well –built structures. The CEO, President and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC., is Matthew Fleeger.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC success is attributed to the open and transparent relations that they maintain with their partners. These relationships are founded on mutual trust and the respect they have gained from their practice of honesty and integrity in all their operations. Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Was established in 1970 and was based in Dallas but has extended to have other locations in Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Colorado. Although this company focuses chiefly on exploration and acquisition activities in areas that have abundant oil and gas, in the future, they are seeking to explore and extend to other parts of the United States. The company has over a thousand partnerships countrywide that have carried out business with them.

Matthew Fleeger is among the famous business professionals in the world. He is reputed for his masterly in oil and gas, management of waste and tanning industries. The businessman is specifically esteemed for his expertise in contract negotiation, team building, strategic planning, and business acumen. Before his current position at Gulf Coast Western, LLC, he established MedSolutions, Inc., a company that specializes in transportation, treatment, and disposal of wastes produced by healthcare companies. He presided over this company for 13 years and later sold it to Stericycle, Inc, an organization that leads in the sector of waste management. Matthew Fleeger enrolled in Southern Methodist University where he attained his degree in Business Administration. Under his business acumen, Gulf Coast Western, LLC will continue to advance and succeed further in the oil and gas industry.


Boraie Development: A look at The Aspire, the new project

Boraie development is based in New Brunswick and provides Real Estate Development, Property Management, and Real Estate Marketing to the local residents. The company is known for engaging financial institutions, visionary architects and contractors who understand deadlines. One remarkable partnership by Boraie Development is with Shaquille O’Neil in 2013 to restore an old theater in New Jersey. The theater was personally connected to the athlete while growing up in the 1970s. The $7Million renovation development turned it into the CityPlex12 Newark. They have also developed other projects to enhance commercial and housing development in the underdeveloped areas.

Recent Development by Boraie Development

The recent development by the company is The Aspire. This is a 17-storey residential building in New Brunswick. The building has 238 apartments consisting of a studio, one bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The apartments are modern and full-service fit for a luxury lifestyle. They are strategically located near a train station, two universities and a hospital. It also offers a 24-hour doorman and on-site maintenance and management. The Aspire offers a modern design, including a luxury lounge area with a kitchen, pool table, Tv and Wifi among others. The resident also has 24-hour access to a modern well-equipped fitness center.

Carsten Thiel: On Making A Difference In The Medical Community


In these days and times, there is leadership that is treading in the field of medicine. In particular, biotechnology has continued to make way for patients all over the world. With the professionalism and experience of Carsten Thiel, the medical field has been able to introduce breakthrough discoveries in therapy, medical protocol, and patient care. Carsten Thiel is proud to be a native of Berlin. In actuality, he’s been able to travel to different locations to complete his medical missions. See This Article to learn more.


Carsten Thiel received a degree from the University of Bristol. And since his graduation, he has been able to work alongside colleagues that have the same mission. Carsten Thiel began to use his scientific knowledge which open doors that led to scientific marketing. With all of the job offers in the medical field, Carsten Thiel decided to continue his education. He was able to complete his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Max Planck Institute.


After working in the field, Carsten Thiel was responsible for coming up with a weight loss solution called Xenical. Because of all of the marketing strategies that Thiel came up with, customers flocked to purchase his weight loss product. Customers were seeing results through his effort in the field of biology.


However, Carsten Thiel learned that it was best to stay away from “promises” because of the lifestyles of customers. In other words, customers would gain different results depending on how well they followed directions. And through all of his success, Carsten has been able to follow his own dreams.


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Incredible Italian Management for English Football: Gino Pozzo’s Watford Football Club

Watford FC is ran by the iconic Italian father and son duo of Gino Pozzo and Giampaolo Pozzo. Gino is one of Italy’s well-renowned businessmen, along with his dad – another giant of entrepreneurship. They currently own and manage Watford Football Club and they are incredibly hands on with the management of the club.

They first started their venture into the world of English Football with their purchase of Udinese Calcio more than two decades ago. In 2012, they fully completed the transaction and acquired Watford Football Club from Laurence Bassini. They also sold Granada Football Club to Jiang Lizhang, Chinese Businessman.

Gino Pozzo has been investing a lot on the Watford FC – their family has been dedicating a lot of resources to the team. Gino is able to do this because their other businesses are already established and has a working system of their own. Meaning that their other businesses can operate independently and is making significant revenue even without Gino’s guidance. Gino is dedicating a lot of time and effort to Watford FC because it does require a high-grade of attention. In Watford FC, new elements always get involved like new players, and new coaches, which means that Gino Pozzo has to always be hands on with the management of the team.

Gino punctuates that though their family runs a multitude of businesses – he believes that Watford FC would be their top performing venture in the near future because of the great performance of the team, and the positive behavior of English Football.

Gino Pozzo says that Watford FC isn’t just based on the level of competition that they are performing in, but it is based on how well the team is organized and how well they function as one single unity. Watford FC is a relatively new project which means the efficient allocation of resources is as important as the playing skill of the players.

Gino is greatly motivated by the strong tradition, the culture, background and history of English Football. Which is why he is so into the game and the business of managing an English Football Team.

Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman Shares What He Has Learned About Starting A Successful Company


Paul Herdsman is a Miami entrepreneur who co-founded a nearshore company based in Jamaica. He wrote an article stating that a lot of people want to be their own boss by starting a company. He encourages this mindset and in 2018 wrote an article sharing his “Top 12 Business Tips” of doing so. He learned these tips through personal experience and wanted to jumpstart other entrepreneurs who can learn from what he has found out.


The most critical thing when owning and operating your own company is to maintain a positive attitude. If you think positive you will be able to solve problems better, have more energy, and be able to power through when setbacks occur. Paul Herdsman wrote that an easy way to have a better attitude is to express your gratitude. This helps to get rid of negativity. Herdsman suggests creating a list every morning and evening where you write five things in your life you are grateful for.


According to Paul Herdsman, you have to be willing to take risks and fail if you’re an entrepreneur. The only way to know if you really did have a great idea for a business is to try it. You do need to put together all the relevant information and assess the amount of risk you are taking, though. This allows you to take a calculated risk where you know what you’re getting into.


Successful entrepreneurs such as Paul Herdsman have a vision about their company, and where they want it to go. Before you open your company, develop a clear idea of what it will look like a decade or so down the road. What are you trying to accomplish? What problem for your customers are you solving? What will prevent you from reaching the goals you have for your company?  Find Additional Information Here.


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Igor Cornelsen Knows A Thing Or Two About Investing In The Stock Market

Igor Cornelsen is an entrepreneur who was born in Brazil. He studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana but eventually became interested in economics. His early work involved him serving as an investment banker, and he was first picked up by Multibanco. After the bank was bought out by Bank of America, he decided to find other opportunities. Since that time, he has also worked for Libra Bank PLC. and Unibanco and has been helping his clients to discover ways of creating wealth for themselves the entire time.

Igor Cornelsen has been very successful at helping other companies to find success. His banking insight has helped him with his work with Bainbridge Inv Inc., and even though he is now retired, he still works to help individuals and different companies. Cornelsen has made and continues to make a lot of his money from the stock market. He focuses on long-term strategies in the investment world and has tried to teach others to stop focusing on trying to make a quick dollar.

Igor Cornelsen focuses on analyzing the companies or stocks he invests in before making a move. He has worked to educate aspiring investors so they understand that profit usually comes by focusing on small wins rather than large, sporadic gains. He suggests that most people would be better off if they diversified their portfolio because this reduces risk. He also advises people to purchase stocks that are “damaged” because they are usually a bargain.

Igor Cornelsen has commented that he believes that government should help to foster a healthy market. When it does, investors can do well, and when investors do well, they help to grow any economy. He also believes that it is important to help those who need to borrow money to be able to find a lender that will oblige.

L’Oreal: Raising Ethics Levels In Business One Step At A Time

L’Oreal set out to create new levels against which to measure company ethical standards. It began with Ethics Day, a day set aside to encourage employees to gather together and to nourish their desire to start positive initiatives of various types. As the company celebrates its 10 year anniversary of the day, it is clear to see through the impact made that encouraging thought-provoking and productive conversation on the subject of ethics in the workplace is a beneficial idea. The concept has been well-received by L’Oreal employees, as over 60% of the international company actively participated.


The concept has developed into a workplace structure whereby employees are designated as ethical correspondents to be “first point of contact” for managers and all employees on an international scale. Training assists employees in being able to detect inappropriate behavior in the workplace and express their views in a safe whistleblower setting. In fact, there is a designated “Speak Up” website that encourages this, as well as specialized events, training, and informational campaigns. It is a credit to these actions and more that lead L’Oreal to being recognized by Ethisphere Institution as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2018. In the same year, Chief Ethics Officer, Emmanuel Lulin, was honored with the recognition of Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer for Advancing Business Ethics by the United Nations.


Another individual of distinction at L’Oreal is Vice President of Global Business Marketing, Nicolas Krafft. Nicholas Krafft studied Business Management at the University of St. Gallen and INSEAD, the Business School for the World. Additionally, he completed prestigious programs such as the Corporate Business Management Program. Go To This Page for more information.


Nicholas Krafft has been employed with L’Oreal for 17 years, during which time he has attained five different executive positions which the company. Nicolas Krafft Loreal has held his current position for 8 years, preceded by two years as the Deputy General Manager of Eastern Europe which followed a four year term in his position as Marketing Director for Asian Operations. He also served as General Manager, but his initial position in the company was Marketing Director, Keratase in 2002.



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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Provide $1,200 In Food Donations To Parma’s Greenbriar Middle School


On Thursday, the Greenbriar Middle School in Parma Heights, Ohio received a donation valued at $1,200 from (KNR) Kisling, Nestico & Redick. The donation comes at a time that the students at the school have embarked on spring break.


The school received a total of 60 bags were containing essential food items such as bread, peanut butter, macaroni, cheese, fresh fruit, and more. The food is meant to keep the students fed during Spring break. KNR has been leading a year-long campaign known as KNR Cares About Kids, and the firm hopes that its donation will play a significant role in helping kids residing in the state of Ohio reach full potential.


Everyone expects kids to spend their spring break relaxing or having fun away from school, but this is never the case. Some kids spend their spring break worrying about where they will get their subsequent meal. Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s Managing Partner Rob Nestico revealed in a press statement that the firm realizes that hunger never takes a spring break; this makes focusing on children essential.


Jill Schissler, the Principal at Greenbriar Middle School, said the generous food donation consisting of perishable and preserved food items would be helpful to families in need within the community. Greenbriar Middle School Principal also noted that the school was a bit surprised by the donation they received as it was more than they were expecting.


Kira Karabanovs, an executive at Parma City Schools, said that when (KNR) Kisling, Nestico & Redick reached out to discuss the donation, they deemed Greenbriar a perfect location since more than 50 percent of the students in the school receive free or reduced-priced lunches.


Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a law firm offering injury law representation to its clients living in Ohio. The firm combines personal service, inside knowledge of the insurance industry, and an extensive legal experience hence the provision of unrivaled legal services. KNH was founded in 2005 and has been in operation for more than 13 years. Currently, the law firm has 130 support staff, 37 lawyers, and the firm operates from 11 locations. Read This Article for more information.


The law firm is an award-winning name who’s received honors such as ‘Top 100 Trial Lawyer’ and is included in organizations such as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates. The lawyers at KNR are dedicated to their clients and seeing that justice is served. It is their dedication and compassion that’s helped them earn the trust of the Akron community for so long already.



The Impressive Resume Of Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard understands the world of sports products. A businessman and entrepreneur, Steve Lesnard has spent more than twenty years helping to manage and assist some of the worlds top sports brands. His work with major brands like Wolford and Nike has allowed him to gain valuable experience that has shaped his career.


Steve Lesnard grew up in France where he was one of three children. As a child Lesnard quickly developed a love for sports. They have been a large part of his live. Not only has Lesnard played many sports but he has learned many lessons from them. These lessons have pushed him to become one of the most successful members of the sports industry. Lesnard attended business school in France where earned a degree in entrepreneurship and international business. Years later he would move to the United States where he earned an MBA at Babson College in entrepreneurship.


Soon after college Steve Lesnard began working in New York City for the fashion brand Wolford. Lesnard worked as the company’s marketing director where he was largely responsible for expanding the company’s brand. Lesnard helped to open retail stores during his short time with the company. All of this experience helped Lesnard move into the sports industry.


Steve Lesnard’s first role in the sports industry was working in global sports marketing and product management. In this role Lesnard was responsible for seasonal product creation along with signing athletes in winter Olympic sports. Lesnard had the opportunity to meet he first two snowboard gold medalists at the Nagano Olympics. He would focus his efforts on product development. He believes this experience was valuable to the growth in his career. Lesnard was able to develop products for elite athletes which served as a great learning experience. Read This Article for additional information.


Lenard has gone on to make a tremendous impact in product development world. He is known by many for his work as Global Vice President and General Manager for Nike. He has built quite a resume and appears set for many more years of success.


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