Life Lessons From Golf And Fishing By Paul Herdsman, Co-Founder Of NICE Global


Patience and honesty are two traits that Paul Herdsman utilizes whenever he plays golf or goes fishing. He believes that both sports can provide a person with the tools they need to succeed in life. Both sports can be very competitive. Herdsman has competed in many fishing tournaments. Paul Herdsman’s expertise is in fishing. He loves to fish. His proudest moment is when he won one of the largest fishing tournaments in the state of Florida.


Herdsman utilizes his problem-solving skills to reason out why the fish aren’t biting and plans out his next steps. Fishing does teach patience as not every fishing spot brings in the fish. There are also fishing lures to consider and the deepness of the water. When he used to go on fishing tournaments Herdsman studied the area, talked to the fishermen that fished the area and made other preparations. He believes that even if you’re only doing some recreational fishing you should be prepared.


Golf isn’t Herdsman’s first love. Paul Herdsman took up the game in his early twenties and is mainly a weekend golfer. Golf is a more relaxing sport for Paul Herdsman. He likes the fact that golfers are expected to be honest. Golf can be challenging as you keep score with your fellow golfers and try to stay out of the traps.


Herdsman uses strategic thinking, which is one of the hallmarks of both competitive fishing and golfing. Herdsman believes that fishermen and golfers that utilize strategies have a better outcome than fishermen and golfers who don’t strategize. There is a lot to plan whenever you fish. You have to decide whether you are going to fish in shallow or deep water. You need to pick the right lures, have the right rod and bait to catch the right fish. There is also a lot to plan when you golf, but it’s not as detailed. Read This Article for additional information.


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