Kimberly Bakker: Excelling In Event Management


Kimberly Bakker is a degree holder from the prestigious University of Southern California. She also served as a volunteer tutor as well as the Women’s Advocate for Panhellenic Board. In 1992, Kimberly Bakker graduated thereby earning recognition as one of the year’s Outstanding Seniors where she worked as the director of sales and marketing for L’ermitage Hotels.


Bakker has had a longstanding career serving as the protocol officer of San Francisco. She reported to Chief Charlotte Mailliard through the office of the mayor. In her tenure, Kimberly Bakker assisted in the organization to organize World Environment Day. Besides her full-time service consulting company, she is a contributor at the Children of Shelters as well as Blue Star Music Camp where she serves as a board of directors.


In an interview with IdeaMensch, Kimberly Bakker narrates her life. She recalls that her mother always insists that her career in event planning started when she was a child. Bakker would throw small parties for honored guests such as her brother as well as animals. From that moment onward, she enjoyed paying attention to details, regardless of how little they were. She would then come up with unique touches to those details thereby impressing the attendees of her small organized events. Although she had simple thoughts, she understood the value of creating excellent results through merging several moving parts. Read This Article for more information.


In her personal life, Bakker places a considerable value in family and friends. She arranges beautiful items strategically in her children’s lives hoping that they will learn how to embrace peace through their environment. Being a successful event organizer, she has curated her life as well as home, and now she’s working on her list of vendors including reputable florists and thoughtful bakers who care for the client’s required diets. Remaining local in her event organizing services, Bakker utilizes some of the best talents in the industry.


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