Kimberly Bakker Adds A Special Touch To Every Event She Hosts


Kimberly Bakker always gets a jump on her day by waking up early and running through everything she is going to get done. Before heading out, Kimberly Bakker always takes the time to make her daughter a healthy breakfast. She also enjoys spending a little quality time with her daughter before she becomes focused on her work. Kimberly Bakker always has her day planned out ahead of time, and the events she runs always go smoothly.


Kimberly Bakker is a “Momtrepreneur” who enjoys soaking up all of her day’s experiences. She sees each and every day as a new opportunity to enrich other people’s lives through her own gifts and talents.


Her business is Kimberly Bakker Events, where she creates some of the best gatherings her clients could have ever hoped for. She is proud of her heritage and has done her best to pass down the stories of her family to her daughter. Her family were pioneers, and the Society of California Pioneers has documented her family’s journey from Missouri to the golden state.


Kimberly Bakker loves all of the family heirlooms she has collected over the years. She, often, gets the chance to use them during the many events she hosts. Many of her family heirlooms also grace the walls of her daughter’s room. Bakker also loves to work with reputable vendors who can help to make the events she puts together much better. Read This Article for more information.


In fact, part of Bakker’s secret is that she relies on a strong team of people who she trusts exclusively. Her skills include communication, and she has always been able to communicate her needs very clearly to everyone she works with. This has allowed her to keep her peace of mind throughout the day as she travels from one event to another. In the end, Kimberly Bakker is a professional who always places her clients at the top of her list.


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