Everything At Once: Ryan Seacrest


Ryan Seacrest is a man who looks like he has it all. He always knew that he wanted to be in the radio business since he was young. He has made that dream come true and then some. Ryan Seacrest catapulted to fame as the host of “American Idol” in 2001 and he has not looked back since. In an interview with The New York Times, Ryan Seacrest gives readers an up-close look at his life and what it means for him to keep things in balance.


Ryan Seacrest says that he gets up early each day. He has his favorite tea in the morning in order to focus on the day ahead. Once he’s ready, he goes to the studio to prep for “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Ryan Seacrest makes sure to study up on guests and topics for the show on the way to the studio. He had moved to New York in order to become the co-host of the show. Ryan makes sure to interact with fans and that is what makes him so down to earth with people.


After “Live with Kelly and Ryan” is over he goes to his radio show and hosts “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. In addition to this radio show, he also hosts American Top 40 on Sunday mornings across the country. He also has the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and his own clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction.


Ryan Seacrest is one busy but he makes sure to do a few things in order to keep things grounded. One of the things that he does is to put his cell phone away when he is at work. By doing this he allows himself to be in the present and focus on what he is doing. He can focus on long-term things during the afternoons.


Ryan Seacrest says the one thing he learned from his mentor Dick was to make hosting look easy. That means that people can relate to what you are doing and make it enjoyable at the same time. That is the key to being the best and Ryan Seacrest is doing just that. Go Here for more information.


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