From Selling Sandwiches to Selling Property: The Rise of Hussain Sajwani

In the early 1990s, Hussain Sajwani’s business was selling food. One of the Dubai-based businessman’s biggest clients was the United States government. Specifically, the U.S. military, which at the time was gearing up for Operation: Desert Storm. Sajwani won the food supply contract with the Armed Forces during their time on the Arabian Peninsula. While his food business was very successful, come the dawn of the 21st Century, he decided to jump into real estate. The Hussain Sajwani Family had done some land deals when Sajwani was younger, and he was determined to take it even further.


He formed DAMAC Properties in 2002 just as the real estate boom in Dubai kicked off. As DAMAC owner, Sajwani was not about to think small. He built luxury apartments and marketed them aggressively, to the point he offered new tenants of one of his buildings a free Bentley with each apartment. Hussain Sajwani also kept DAMAC afloat during the Great Recession thanks to his cost cutting and cash stockpiling measures. The company came out on the other side of it ready to build more luxury apartment complexes. DAMAC’s properties include the Sahara Villas, The Park Villas, and the Just Cavalli Villas. Hussain Sajwani also has an eye for future developments in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


Sajwani has also built up a good relationship over the years with current U.S. President Donald Trump. Prior to the election, the two teamed up on the Trump International Golf Club project, which has seen the luxury villas there net up to $2 billion in sales. Much of the day to day operations of the Trump Organization are in the hands of the Trump children, and Sajwani and DAMAC plan on doing more business with them in the future.


Sajwani’s interests are not limited to real estate. He has also donated much money to charity. This includes up to $2 million for clothing for needy children.


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