Steve Ritchie: Why Papa Johns Wants Its Staff To Register For Diversity Classes


Papa John’s has been having so many problems in the recent months. The company started having its money issues not long ago because of the founder. The founder of the institution, the name behind the successful brand started blaming NFL players who were protesting for the little profits the company was making in the previous year. Papa John has realized that its founder made some harsh remarks, and they have started to build their image once again. The company has asked all its employees to attend the diversity training so that they can understand how to deal with consumers and any other stakeholder in the institution.


Steve Ritchie is the man who has been in the spotlight since the company started its problems. As the chief executive officer of the institution, the businessman knows that it is his responsibility to grow the reputation of the pizza company. Steve Ritchie wrote an open letter to all the workers in the company, asking them to comply with the new arrangement.


According to the letter, Ritchie was offered the position of CEO in January last year, and he decided that he was going to focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Because these Steve Ritchie Papa John’s priorities, the businessman wants all his stakeholders to be part of his plans so that they can reach their goals without hardships. The company has also been founded on high values. The company portfolio shows that it believes in respect, fairness, equity, and opportunity.


The decision that has been undertaken by Papa Johns is popular in the American market at the moment. Early in the year, Starbucks did the same thing. The institution specializes in coffee, and it asked all its staff members to attend racial bias classes. This happened when one of the managers in the store called the police on two black customers who were accused of loitering.


The action angered so many people, and some action had to be taken. Some individuals said that they were going to stay away from the coffee company until the issue was resolved. Steve Ritchie and Papa Johns are careful when handling the racial remarks that were made by their founder, and this is the primary reason they want to win the hearts of the customers. Read This Article to learn more.


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