Betsy DeVos: Everyone Deserves a Good Education

All of the things that you might value in education for your own child are probably things that are not currently available in the public school system. It is true that some parents might get lucky and have their children enrolled in a surprisingly well-performing district, but it is more likely that students are still being given a level of education that is substandard. Betsy DeVos was an advocate for school choice way before it was more of a mainstream issue. Now more parents are seeing that this is a growing problem in America and they want to take steps to adjust for it. Betsy DeVos, now Secretary of Education, has many thoughts on why school choice programs are going to be so important in the future.


A previous interview that she had with Philanthropy highlights why she believes that this option is going to be the future of American education. She explains that while she has a burning passion for the field of education at this time, her introduction to education was a gradual one. She had her own children that were enrolled in a private institution, but she also came across parents who were struggling to keep their children in that institution as well. They did not want to put their children into the public-school system. Instead, they were willing to sacrifice everything they had to ensure that their children were in an environment that they consider being essential to their learning process. It was also a good piece of mind for them that their children were safe and held to a higher educational standard.


For Betsy DeVos, this dedication showed her that a good education is sometimes a sacrifice for parents. She wanted to make it more mainstream for parents to consider alternative education choices. By doing so, she wanted to make it possible for these types of parents to qualify for scholarship programs and school voucher programs. She went on to join the State Board of Education in Michigan to help advocate for those voucher programs and scholarships. As a result of her efforts, Michigan is now a leading example in the school choice movement. She wants to parlay the success that she experienced while in Michigan to her national role as Secretary of Education. She believes that more parents all over the nation are still in need of this type of guidance where these educational institutions will be open to their children. She is willing to put in the work necessary to help children who would not normally have access to the superb learning facilities that are available through third-party education vendors. She knows that these resources are sometimes out of reach, that is why she is so committed to scholarship programs and other types of payment for the use of this education. It is her hope that as people become more familiarized with these additional education systems, that funding will open up to make it possible for lower income individuals to remain a part of the system. She believes that everyone deserves a good education.


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