Kimberly Bakker Adds A Special Touch To Every Event She Hosts


Kimberly Bakker always gets a jump on her day by waking up early and running through everything she is going to get done. Before heading out, Kimberly Bakker always takes the time to make her daughter a healthy breakfast. She also enjoys spending a little quality time with her daughter before she becomes focused on her work. Kimberly Bakker always has her day planned out ahead of time, and the events she runs always go smoothly.


Kimberly Bakker is a “Momtrepreneur” who enjoys soaking up all of her day’s experiences. She sees each and every day as a new opportunity to enrich other people’s lives through her own gifts and talents.


Her business is Kimberly Bakker Events, where she creates some of the best gatherings her clients could have ever hoped for. She is proud of her heritage and has done her best to pass down the stories of her family to her daughter. Her family were pioneers, and the Society of California Pioneers has documented her family’s journey from Missouri to the golden state.


Kimberly Bakker loves all of the family heirlooms she has collected over the years. She, often, gets the chance to use them during the many events she hosts. Many of her family heirlooms also grace the walls of her daughter’s room. Bakker also loves to work with reputable vendors who can help to make the events she puts together much better. Read This Article for more information.


In fact, part of Bakker’s secret is that she relies on a strong team of people who she trusts exclusively. Her skills include communication, and she has always been able to communicate her needs very clearly to everyone she works with. This has allowed her to keep her peace of mind throughout the day as she travels from one event to another. In the end, Kimberly Bakker is a professional who always places her clients at the top of her list.


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Kimberly Bakker’s Holiday Party Planning


Kimberly Bakker is an event planner in the city of San Francisco, California who runs her own consulting firm; Kimberly Bakker Events.


Understanding the importance of juggling work, parenthood and social commitments, the “Momtrepreneur” has broken down how to be successful when throwing holiday season events. Stop stressing out about last-minute arrangements when you can use these tips to enjoy your festivities.


One of the biggest tips for successfully throwing a party during those busy holidays is to make a list. Although this might seem daunting when you have so many different components to think about, this will allow you to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. It can be as simple as writing it down on a piece of paper or keeping it on your phone.


Bakker also knows how important it is to be a gracious host. Although it sounds simple, taking a step back to enjoy the holidays with your guests goes a long way. You can do this by including heirloom pieces such as a special Christmas tree ornament as a centerpiece. This allows for an interesting talking piece. Make sure that your guests are comfortable. You can do this by playing holiday music softly in the background, providing lighting that isn’t harsh, and making your food ahead of time. The less stressed out you are at the party, the more your guests will be able to relax. See Related Link for more information.


Paying attention to your own needs can be another way to ensure that your guests are enjoying the party. Bakker notes that you don’t have to be the one to provide everything. If you are stressed out about making all of the food, assign food and drinks that your guests can bring. There is also no need to spend too much for a party as you will only be stressed out during the festivities. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready for a stress-free event. And don’t forget to take plenty of photos. Taking these tips from Kimberly Bakker will help your next holiday party be an event that you can enjoy with your guests.


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Kimberly Bakker: Excelling In Event Management


Kimberly Bakker is a degree holder from the prestigious University of Southern California. She also served as a volunteer tutor as well as the Women’s Advocate for Panhellenic Board. In 1992, Kimberly Bakker graduated thereby earning recognition as one of the year’s Outstanding Seniors where she worked as the director of sales and marketing for L’ermitage Hotels.


Bakker has had a longstanding career serving as the protocol officer of San Francisco. She reported to Chief Charlotte Mailliard through the office of the mayor. In her tenure, Kimberly Bakker assisted in the organization to organize World Environment Day. Besides her full-time service consulting company, she is a contributor at the Children of Shelters as well as Blue Star Music Camp where she serves as a board of directors.


In an interview with IdeaMensch, Kimberly Bakker narrates her life. She recalls that her mother always insists that her career in event planning started when she was a child. Bakker would throw small parties for honored guests such as her brother as well as animals. From that moment onward, she enjoyed paying attention to details, regardless of how little they were. She would then come up with unique touches to those details thereby impressing the attendees of her small organized events. Although she had simple thoughts, she understood the value of creating excellent results through merging several moving parts. Read This Article for more information.


In her personal life, Bakker places a considerable value in family and friends. She arranges beautiful items strategically in her children’s lives hoping that they will learn how to embrace peace through their environment. Being a successful event organizer, she has curated her life as well as home, and now she’s working on her list of vendors including reputable florists and thoughtful bakers who care for the client’s required diets. Remaining local in her event organizing services, Bakker utilizes some of the best talents in the industry.


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Holiday Planning Made Easy With Kimberly Bakker


It is that time of year again to celebrate the things we love and hold dear. Many often look forward to the family meetings and friendly functions that come with the holiday. For the people attending these parties, it is more about the outfit and what to bring. For the people throwing the parties it’s more about what to do and how to organize. This can be nerve racking for many but Kimberly Bakker is willing to share some of her secrets to coping with this situations.


Kimberly has suggested to plan and plan accordingly from writing things down to being aware of and not over spending on your budget. Little things like incorporating family heirlooms and having signature drinks already prepared are things often over looked. She also stress that the person giving the function enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to stay in the moment and have fun. Too often people get too caught up in hosting and not participating in their own event. Go To This Page for additional information.


Lighting is a big factor as well as music to set the mood and keep it at a certain level. Kimberly Bakker even offers how to deal with guest that may not get along so well. Little things like avoiding competition through games and asking for help to defuse a situation is a key factor


Kimberly Bakker is the owner of a boutique marketing company called KQB. She has been known for creating and executing lavish events for clients that are highly talked about.


With Kimberly’s knowledge of the entertainment and restaurant industries she has made a name for herself as a skilled event planner based out of San Francisco she has great influence in the area.


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Event Planning Manager Kimberly Bakker Gives Her Advice On Hosting During The Holiday Season


Hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve party can be a tough gig. San Francisco event planner Kimberly Bakker knows this from first-hand experience. This owner of Kimberly Bakker Events has provided some tips and tricks that reduce how much planning for and hosting an event entails.


Lists lie at the heart of planning a party, she says. Create individual ones for the menu you will be serving, who you are inviting, and what tasks you need to accomplish before the party starts. Kimberly Bakker says you can store this list on your pc, your phone, or write it out but making lists is key.


Kimberly Bakker says there are foods and drinks you can make before the party so it isn’t so stressful. She suggests settling one or two alcoholic punches you can make before the party and serve them in either an elegant punch bowl or from a drink dispenser. Get Related Information Here.


Making as much of the food as you can ahead of time is also a life-saver. Many desserts can be made the day before, for example, and fresh vegetables can be cut up at that time as well. You won’t have time for these things the day of the party and doing so early will also free you up to spend time with your guests.


As everyone knows the holiday season is likely your most expensive time of the year. For this reason, Kimberly Bakker says you should create a budget and stick to it. This is especially true for the food you intend to serve. You should pay attention to sales at your nearby grocery stores and decide what to serve based on those. By calculating what you are able to spend and staying within that amount you will reduce the stress of the party.


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