Adam Milstein Alerts the Friends of Israel Regarding the Increasing Anti Semitic Wave

According to Adam Milstein, the establishment of the Zionist state did not augur well with many Muslims around the Middle Eastern region. He says that Israel was used to the hatred coming from the right wing. However, according to Adam Milstein, there is an increased wave of anti Semitism that has been rising in the recent years. The groups are hell-bent on making Israel appear the villain without due consideration of the facts surrounding the issue. In a report that was posted on JNS by Adam, he says that the hatred against Jews and Israel is no longer a preoccupation of the radical right. It has found its way into the hearts of the radical leftists. Adam says that the enemies of the Jewish state are using ant Semitic sentiments to galvanize support from Muslims from all quarters. In other words, it is a uniting factor among Muslims.

Different Regions, Common Ideas Shared

According to Adam Milstein on JNS, the three sources of hate campaigns against Semites and the state of Israel, in general, are sharing ideas and tactics on how to propagate the hatred further, and destroy the state of Israel. While it is not so shocking to know that radical Muslims are increasingly finding ways to hate the Zionists better, it is disturbing to know that some of the regions and communities that were either neutral or strong supporters of the Jewish cause have turned against them. The hatred for western influence has also helped to unite the anti-Semitic ideology. The enemies of the Jewfish state have managed to cast their differences aside for the sake of uniting against Israel.

Adam wonders how the radical left manages to look away from the extremes of radical Islam. He describes some of the ideas and culture among the Muslims including mistreating women, minorities, and gays as bigoted. Such perceptions create a false image of Islam being a monolithic block. Adam Milstein says that it is important to recognize the difference between mainstream Islam and radical Islam. The tendency to view Islam as a monolithic entity only worsens the situation and offers a false token that they are oppressed by the West.