Prof. Kamil Idris working towards sustainable development

In an aim to celebrate and honor world intellectual property day commonly referred to as WIPO, Professor Kamil Idris sent a powerful message to the world. According to the renowned professor, the day which is marked by annual celebrations on 26th April has grown tremendously with governments and various prominent bodies joining in each year.


Unfortunately, even with this success in making WIPO an internationally recognized day, there are people who still wonder why anyone would go to such lengths to celebrate intellectual property. For this group of people, professor Kamil Idris had something to say them too. According to Mr. Kamil, intellectual property is something that should be highly respected, protected and celebrated because without it, the major inventions and innovations which we see today wouldn’t be here. It is through it that matters like global warming is being handled.


Again it is through it that the power of human creativity is put into action. The professor went on to add that it is thanks to intellectual property the world can now enjoy an easier, comfortable life such as stress-free movement by air, effortless communication through the internet and a long string of other innovations which shape our world today. Were it not for intellectual property then probably we would still be living in the Stone Age.


That is why according to Prof. Kamil WIPO was put in place to not only honor these innovations but also pay tribute to anyone who has ever contributed to making the world a better place because it is through their rich intellect property that life is now a walk in the park in comparison to a few years ago.


About Professor Kamil Idris


Born in August 1954, Professor Kamil Idris is a man whose name and presence commands a lot of respect and honor wherever he goes. This is because of his massive success, many accreditations and also the long list of senior positions which he has occupied in various prominent organizations. To mention but a few, Prof. Kamil is the former director general of WIPO a role he held from 1997 to 2008.


Besides that, Mr. Kamil Idris was also the president of the international court of arbitration and mediation (ICAM). Again these are just but a few that the esteemed professor has held over his successful career.


Professor Kamil Idris is also an intellect and holds a rich string of academic accreditation. For instance, he is an alumnus of Geneva University and the University of Khartoum from each he received a Ph.D. in international law and LLB honors respectively. He is also a proud LLB honors recipient from the faculty of law in the University of Khartoum and holds honorary law degrees from up to 19 universities spread out in the world.

About WASD


WASD is an acronym for world association development (WASD). It is a global platform on which leaders and experts from all parts of the world come together to discuss various issues which will help the world achieve sustainable development and at the same time achieve top-shelf science and technology management.


Through this forum, the experts and leaders from various sectors are able to exchange knowledge, share ideas and information on how to achieve the mentioned goals. In order to meet this objective, WASDA often holds seminars and conferences globally and also goes the extra mile by publishing journals and setting up international projects which attract experts from all corners of the world.


However, it cannot achieve this on its own which is why it works hand in hand with various state of the art facilities such as universities, government programs, and even research centers to make sustainable development a reality.