Oren Frank: A Master in Digital Marketing Strategies

In a move that is bound to cement its position as a market pioneer when it comes to the provision of e-therapy, Talkspace announced the hiring of a chief medical officer. The recruitment of Neil Leibowitz, who has a strong background in insurance having worked for several years at UnitedHealth as a medical director, will enable the company to expand its subscribership and service portfolio. According to company chief executive officer Oren Frank, Talkspace currently boasts of over one million customers who subscribe to its online and messaging therapy services.

The hiring of Mr. Leibowitz is also a step in the right direction when it comes to moving Talkspace, co-founded by Oren Frank, towards floating its shares in the financial markets through an initial public offering. It will be a remarkable achievement for the company for the start-up that was founded in 2012. With Leibowitz added to the company’s growing pool of talents, millions of Talkspace’s customers will be able to receive subscription mental health medications. On the other hand investors in the company such as Robert Mittendorff also stand to gain through increased revenues. The company has two primary service lines: messaging therapy and video chat therapy which it charges a weekly fee of $49 and $79, respectively. Mr. Leibowitz noted that the affordable therapy model and the business model used by Talkspace in increasing accessibility to therapy services diffused his earlier skepticism about joining the company.

Oren Frank is a digital marketing guru who has revolutionized therapy services provision landscape. Through his excellent digital marketing skills, he has transformed Talkspace into an industry leader when it comes to the provision of affordable e-therapy services. Mr. Frank -based uses various technology marketing platforms to market Talkspace not only to millennials but other demographics who are afflicted by mental problems such as depression. He is an avid Twitter user who frequently sends tweets related to Talkspace, psychological illness, and e-therapy. Co-founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank, Talkspace aims at reaching a billion people with its revolutionary services offered through modern technology platforms. Their helpful services are provided by numerous licensed professionals with a dedication to providing quality services that meet medical standards and federal regulations.