Alec Sellem To Participate In Open Discussion On Africa Energy Laws

According to an article from, a specialist on mining named Alec Sellem joined a host of other experts to discuss the potential of Africa, specifically on the development of energy and the exploration of natural resources. The event took place at the United Nations in “the big apple” and was going to explore the energy laws of Africa. Sellem had his very own presentation focused on human rights at the event that was followed with a discussion and questions.


He is the CEO and founder of Sellem Industries and was overall grateful to be a part of the panel at the United Nations. He went on to reflect that it was important to discuss the energy laws in Africa and on what could be done moving forward.


Alec Sellem also believes it is an interesting topic when it is involved with human rights. The purpose of the entire event, which took place on March 18, was on the situation in Africa when it comes to their laws in place and what can be done in the future or what should be executed.


The first half of the panel discussed the human rights side of things while the second had the environmental impact and viewpoint. People in the audience were allowed to ask any questions and it was also free to any individual who wanted to go before space ran out. View Related Info Here.


Alec Sellems’ firm is based in London as he has surrounded his company with professionals and talented businessmen. His company works primarily with partners in Africa and Latin America on the business side of things and in operations.


Alec Sellem has a proven past with creating other startups that have been successful as he is from France and with education out of Switzerland. The individual resides in Africa.


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