Matthew Fleeger Advances the Success of Gulf Coast Western, LLC

Gulf Coast Western, LLC. is a venture whose specialty is exploring, developing and acquisition of oil and gas reserves chiefly in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Additionally, it centers on properties that have a geological and geophysical edge plus well –built structures. The CEO, President and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC., is Matthew Fleeger.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC success is attributed to the open and transparent relations that they maintain with their partners. These relationships are founded on mutual trust and the respect they have gained from their practice of honesty and integrity in all their operations. Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Was established in 1970 and was based in Dallas but has extended to have other locations in Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Colorado. Although this company focuses chiefly on exploration and acquisition activities in areas that have abundant oil and gas, in the future, they are seeking to explore and extend to other parts of the United States. The company has over a thousand partnerships countrywide that have carried out business with them.

Matthew Fleeger is among the famous business professionals in the world. He is reputed for his masterly in oil and gas, management of waste and tanning industries. The businessman is specifically esteemed for his expertise in contract negotiation, team building, strategic planning, and business acumen. Before his current position at Gulf Coast Western, LLC, he established MedSolutions, Inc., a company that specializes in transportation, treatment, and disposal of wastes produced by healthcare companies. He presided over this company for 13 years and later sold it to Stericycle, Inc, an organization that leads in the sector of waste management. Matthew Fleeger enrolled in Southern Methodist University where he attained his degree in Business Administration. Under his business acumen, Gulf Coast Western, LLC will continue to advance and succeed further in the oil and gas industry.


Chairman of UTC – Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a chairman at United Technologies Corporation. He holds many years of experience in leadership positions. He is a business graduate from the Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commercials (HEC) where he gained his business management and production skills. He has served in numerous committees such as the Business Roundtable, the Business Council, among others. This makes him a respected member of the business community.

In his recent article, Louis Chenevert advises business owners on the ways to improve businesses through investing in its employees. This is because human interaction is crucial in the overall success of an entity He holds the belief that external recruitments result in the loss of employee motivation while increasing operation costs.

It is thus advisable that top positions be filled by internal employees with experience in the business operations. Employee growth is essential in motivating increased productivity levels.

Louis Chenevert highlights the importance of improving the workplace environment to ensure that employee needs have been met. This can be through various ways such as lunch breaks, less work drama, and office politics. Hardworking employees should also be offered an incentive to continue with their high productivity.

If the business requires special skills, rather than hiring externally, taking employees through the programs at an extra cost would be more efficient. Employee scholar programs might be expensive but in the long run, benefit the organization.

Team building is essential in the smooth operation of a business. This is because, with increased teamwork, people can efficiently work towards a set objective. Louis Chenevert leads by example by ensuring that employees at United Technologies Corporation engage in many team building exercise.

With increased technological advancements, human interaction is limited, and thus there might lack synergy in operations. Louis Chenevert leads an organization responsible for changing the work environment through the use of technology.

He has been responsible for the rapid growth rate of the company since he was appointed as Chief Executive officer and advises businesses to be ready for a change. Looking into the future, there are various doubts on the viability of investing in employees, but Louis Chenevert is of the opinion that there needs to be human touch in innovation to sustain a business.

Michael Burwell Joins Willis Towers Watson

In an interview, Michael Burwell talks about himself and the new company he joined as the Chief Executive Officer. So that he can ensure he is productive, Michael learns how he can do more with less. Due to the dramatic improvement of technology, it has improved people’s lives in different ways and it includes the high number of tasks that are completed in a day. When people take advantage of the available tools, they help them to maintain higher production level. The tools help in streamlining the operations and making lives more manageable. Michael sees the sense of taking that advantage of the tools to assist in performance of higher level.


Leading the finance operations at Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell advice people often but he avoids stressing them on the importance of developing relationships and networking within their field. It is essential to do relationship cultivation due to business purposes. Besides, it is helpful in general to have interpersonal relationships when they are at the moment. For a vital success in an industry, it is essential to have a reliable communication with potential investors, clients, colleagues and team members. Michael made once a poor decision when he was involved in a new technology that requires development. He had put a lot of money, time and effort into the project. When he looked at the trends in the market, he made the decision to stop the project. The choice was not popular but the best that could be made.


When Michael Burwell was called upon to be the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley spoke on the news. He said how the organization is excited as Michael joins it at an essential point of the organization. The reason was because Michael Burwell clearly understands well leading, managing and driving results for an involved global company that has strong focus on its clients. They had confidence with his expertise in transformation, transaction and finance as it is suited well in guiding their long-time growth and maintaining their integral efforts. It will allow the organization to attain its full potential. See This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell talked of how he is honored for the opportunity given to him to be the organization’s CEO. He therefore, looks forward to making his contributions for the success of Willis Towers Watson.



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