Reviewing the Roller Mouse 33 brings the most up to date information for consumers on travel, health and entertainment. Consumers can tune in weekly to get up to date, brief information on what’s upcoming or happening now. The company began in 1990 and recently celebrated its 1500th video. The aim is to show items that are disruptive to the usual.

One item that has come on the radar is a good disruption to better office health. When we use our keyboards we put wear on our wrists and fingers. Desktop tools and chairs that are ergonomically correct are a need when being in the office. The usual and daily stress on the wrists and fingers can have long term effects causing carpal tunnel syndrome and a myriad of other wrist and finger issues.

To the rescue comes the Roller Mouse 33. This is the ultimate in a keyboard. It is full of all the right things for your wrist. Contour Design is the company that created this ultimate workstation tool. The rolling bar, known as the Roller Mouse, that is on the keyboard, helps your fingertips. This way no extra stress is on the fingers to reach the keys while trying to move a standard mouse. It is a desktop balance on the keyboard. It does not require an on or off switch. The entire workstation is also completely wireless.

This is a great companion for getting the perfect angle when working. is always on the top end of reporting and sharing what consumers want to learn about.

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Are You Ready To Get Started On Your To-Do List?


Everyone says they have a to-do list. How many people though actually complete everything on the list? We say that we are going to get started. However, we always seem to find some excuse to put it off. Then, we complain that nothing gets done. Sound familiar?

UpWork, a business networking company in California, has a solution. One of their exes recently wrote a blog about how to complete your to-do list on time and without much hesitation.

1) Write down everything you want to do each day. According to UpWork, you need to list everything according to how important the task is.

“People make time for the things they consider important. Everything else gets put off to till the last minute or not done at all.”


What is important to you? Doing the dishes? Painting the guest room? Making a list of what is important to you increases the chances of you doing it.

2) According to UpWork, you should take some time to think. Procrastination is not always a bad thing. It does serve a purpose. Procrastination allows you to take stock. There are some things on your list that do not need to be there. There may be something you did last year that you did not do this year. How important is it? Is there any value you will get by doing it again? You may be better off letting it go.

“Did you know that 80% of the value you get comes from only 20% of everything you do?”


3) You need to develop different energy levels for each activity. Some of them require more energy than others. Do the tasks that require the most energy during your most alert hours. Save the tasks that you can do in your sleep for when your brain is foggy.

You can find out more about UpWork or get some more tips by visiting their site.