Dan Bethelmy: Rada Advocating For Environmentally Friendly Products


Despite the advancement in technology, people are slowly turning to natural products. People want products that are not in conflict with the environment. Matrix came up with R.A.W to respond to the demands in the market. With the leadership of Dan Bethelmy Rada, their global brand president, they are destined to greater heights. Since his promotion in 2015, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has transformed the organization through creative positioning and integrating the business with technology to make it visible to more clients.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada pursued a bachelor’s degree in international business at Sorbonne University. He later furthered his studies and graduated with an MBA in 2002 from ESSEC business school in France. His career life kicked off in 2003 at L’Oréal Paris where he served as the product manager.


Since its inception, L’Oréal is always focused on producing products, which are outstanding and environmentally friendly. The products are naturally formulated, manufactured and packed.


The products are highly biodegradable with no sulphate, silicone or parabens. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, as the brand president, looks forward towards producing products which are in line with environmental principles and green chemistry. The company gets its ingredients from organically grown foods and minerals. They also get ingredients from honey, fungi, and seaweeds. Packaging is also done in a way that minimizes environmental pollution. Shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from recycled plastics.


Despite facing several constraints, the company does all it can, not compromise naturalness. Like any other company, L’Oréal’s also faces financial constraints. The cost of realizing their goal cannot be undermined. The process needs enormous investment. They are making sure that the products quality match to L’Oréal’s standard is costly. The other problem the company faces is resistance by salon professionals to their advice. Consumers don’t want to be told what is natural. They want to make their own decision. Read This Article for more information.


The company is advocating for the use of environmentally conscious products in salons. They have an Instagram blog page which goes by the names as @ Biolage Instagram. The company takes advantage of the blog page to encourage people to live more sustainably. The company is reaping big as the company is receiving encouraging revenues. Consumers are thrilled after using shampoo. Customers can feel a change in their hair.


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Carsten Thiel Future Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an exciting field that could completely change the future. The vast majority of people do not realize all of the advancements that are possible with biotechnology. Carsten Thiel is an expert in the field. He thinks that people will regularly start living to be over 100 years of age. He supports this hypothesis with various studies that have recently taken place

Another exciting aspect of biotechnology is that the cost of healthcare will drastically decrease. Some people cannot afford standard medical care with the current system. Carsten Thiel thinks it is a tragedy that some people die due to poor access to medical care. He works with various government organizations to secure more funding for biotechnology companies.



Biotechnology companies operate with funding from various sources. Some companies utilize funds from venture capital firms. Other companies rely solely on research grants from the government. Carsten believes that biotechnology companies will drastically improve results after receiving additional capital.

Biotechnology research takes a lot of time and money. The good news for investors is that biotechnology companies can offer substantial financial returns when successful. See Related Link to learn more.


Other Thoughts

Carsten also believes that the medical industry will completely change in the coming decade. Not only will artificial intelligence improve results, but he thinks that preventative care will become more common.

Carsten Thiel predicts that people will focus on preventative care as medical costs rise. Millions of people would be financially destitute if a significant medical problem arose.


More about Thiel on https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/04/02/1458445/0/en/Abeona-Therapeutics-Appoints-Carsten-Thiel-Ph-D-as-Chief-Executive-Officer.html


Chairman of UTC – Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a chairman at United Technologies Corporation. He holds many years of experience in leadership positions. He is a business graduate from the Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commercials (HEC) where he gained his business management and production skills. He has served in numerous committees such as the Business Roundtable, the Business Council, among others. This makes him a respected member of the business community.

In his recent article, Louis Chenevert advises business owners on the ways to improve businesses through investing in its employees. This is because human interaction is crucial in the overall success of an entity He holds the belief that external recruitments result in the loss of employee motivation while increasing operation costs.

It is thus advisable that top positions be filled by internal employees with experience in the business operations. Employee growth is essential in motivating increased productivity levels.

Louis Chenevert highlights the importance of improving the workplace environment to ensure that employee needs have been met. This can be through various ways such as lunch breaks, less work drama, and office politics. Hardworking employees should also be offered an incentive to continue with their high productivity.

If the business requires special skills, rather than hiring externally, taking employees through the programs at an extra cost would be more efficient. Employee scholar programs might be expensive but in the long run, benefit the organization.

Team building is essential in the smooth operation of a business. This is because, with increased teamwork, people can efficiently work towards a set objective. Louis Chenevert leads by example by ensuring that employees at United Technologies Corporation engage in many team building exercise.

With increased technological advancements, human interaction is limited, and thus there might lack synergy in operations. Louis Chenevert leads an organization responsible for changing the work environment through the use of technology.

He has been responsible for the rapid growth rate of the company since he was appointed as Chief Executive officer and advises businesses to be ready for a change. Looking into the future, there are various doubts on the viability of investing in employees, but Louis Chenevert is of the opinion that there needs to be human touch in innovation to sustain a business.


Tim Ioannides

Tim Ioannides is a very well-known dermatologist. He has over fifteen years of experience in his specialty. Tim Ioannides has grown his business the most by becoming well known and well trusted within his community. Tim Ioannides started out like every other doctor in the medical field, small and not known by many. He quickly grew a name for himself and became a well-loved dermatologist that now has over five successful office locations. He wants to make sure that he can serve as many patients as possible.


Tim Ioannides went through many years of schooling and internships to get all of the knowledge that he needs to be a successful dermatologist. Upon graduating from his schooling Tim Ioannides jumped into working with another doctor. It was not long though before he realized that he would not be happy unless he opened his own practice. Tim Ioannides took a brave leap and started his own thing. The practice that he opened is called Treasure Coast Dermatology.


Tim Ioannides treats many different things including skin cancers, conditions, and tumors. He does everything in his offices from diagnosing, treating, and procedures. Tim Ioannides makes sure to take time to research the problem that his patients are facing if he does not know what is going on. He wants to ensure that his patients leave better than the way they came in. Read This Article for additional information.


Tim Ioannides is dedicated to helping each and every one of his patients receive the care that they are looking to receive. He has worked very hard to build the name for himself that he carries today. Tim Ioannides has successfully grown his business and is continuing to grow as more and more people learn about him. He offers the best services to his patients. Tim Ioannides is leading the way for dermatology.


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Dr. Vijay Eswaran Shares His Passion for the Future

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the new force behind multi-level marketer QI group which he co-founded and serves as Executive Chairman. The Malaysian businessman is a rising star. His successful company and innovative work ethic garnering him a reputation as a disruptive entrepreneur. In reality, Dr. Eswaran is simply going with the flow.

Dr. Eswaran sat down with Ideamensch recently to talk of QI group and the reasoning behind it. According to him the bedrock of the company is entrepreneur making. “We are a disruptive company,” Dr. Eswaran stated, “we upset the pattern of thinking and are pioneers in that regard.”

QI Group of Companies has been around since 1998. It was the first Amazon-like company before Amazon came around. As a multi-level marketer it funds several smaller business that live beneath its banner. Its services ranging for luxury retail, to wellness, to media, to travel, and even to telecommunication. Headquartered in Hong Kong has a range of subsidiaries stretching from China to Malaysia.

The idea of entrepreneur making is a very recent concept and part of the new wave of thinking hitting the business world. As things become more automated under the rise of technology traditional employment, factory production, and marketing are beginning to evolve. Their traditional concepts changing. Dr. Eswaran is one of many businessman cashing in those changes. “Millenials do not even care about driver’s licenses anymore,” He told Ideamensch, “why should the with Uber and Grab around.”

Companies like Uber are a textbook example of the future of business. It is less about retail and more about services. Automation and computerization taking over menial tasks, and people living for experiences. This new generation of ideas has to have a fluid business that rides the waves with it, and QI is such a company. “We took away boundaries with e-commerce,” Dr. Eswaran says, “Because business is no longer regional or national but global.”

How Entrepreneur Tim Ioannides Provides Essential Information About Dermatology

Tim Ioannides is a famous dermatologist who has remained relevant in the medical field. With a lot of expertise in his career, many individuals depend on their services to enhance their lives. Besides, he established a business venture that serves various individuals in his country.

Serving the Treasure Coast for over 15 years, Tim Ioannides, MD is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, a multi-location dermatology practice with a proactive approach to medical care. Through his services, he provided quick remedies to issues relating to the skin. Moreover, he maintains a cordial relationship with his customers through the application of excellent opportunities before starting his business.



Over the years, Dr. Tim Ioannides developed the brick and mortar through his services. Furthermore, the patients who visit his facility have grown to a reasonable number thanks to his good relations with them. As for his education, he studied medicine at a university in Miami. While at the institution, he worked extremely hard to earn the recognition of various stakeholders at the University. Later, he graduated and commenced his internship at the University of Florida. Though he worked at the school of health services, he demonstrated his services conclusively to the concerned professionals.

After completing his internship, Tim Ioannides moved to the University of Miami to commence his career in dermatology. While at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, he conducted surgery on various clients. Eventually, he shifted his concentration to the private sector where he began working a particular physician.

Through the whole time, he focused his services to offering dermatological services. Tim Ioannides became passionate about cosmetics and developed a specific approach to treat some ailments such as skin cancers and tumors. Hence, he used a lot of time to come up with solutions to the problems. Read This Article for more information.



His patients and staff members loved his services and could sometimes refer some clients to him. Since he pays much attention to his clients, they trust him in conducting most of the operations at his facility.


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Everything At Once: Ryan Seacrest


Ryan Seacrest is a man who looks like he has it all. He always knew that he wanted to be in the radio business since he was young. He has made that dream come true and then some. Ryan Seacrest catapulted to fame as the host of “American Idol” in 2001 and he has not looked back since. In an interview with The New York Times, Ryan Seacrest gives readers an up-close look at his life and what it means for him to keep things in balance.


Ryan Seacrest says that he gets up early each day. He has his favorite tea in the morning in order to focus on the day ahead. Once he’s ready, he goes to the studio to prep for “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Ryan Seacrest makes sure to study up on guests and topics for the show on the way to the studio. He had moved to New York in order to become the co-host of the show. Ryan makes sure to interact with fans and that is what makes him so down to earth with people.


After “Live with Kelly and Ryan” is over he goes to his radio show and hosts “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. In addition to this radio show, he also hosts American Top 40 on Sunday mornings across the country. He also has the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and his own clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction.


Ryan Seacrest is one busy but he makes sure to do a few things in order to keep things grounded. One of the things that he does is to put his cell phone away when he is at work. By doing this he allows himself to be in the present and focus on what he is doing. He can focus on long-term things during the afternoons.


Ryan Seacrest says the one thing he learned from his mentor Dick was to make hosting look easy. That means that people can relate to what you are doing and make it enjoyable at the same time. That is the key to being the best and Ryan Seacrest is doing just that. Go Here for more information.


More about Ryan Seacrest: https://www.eonline.com/news/ryan_seacrest

The Qualifications And Achievements Of Richard Liu Qiangdong

JD.com is among the most prominent platforms of e-commerce in China, and it’s worth is currently $57.6 billion. Liu Qiangdong is extensively acknowledged for being the Chief Executive Officer and founder of JD.com. According to Forbes, the net value of Liu is currently $11 billion. Among its stakeholders is Walmart that recently raised the stake to twelve percent. It was in the mid-2017 that announcement was made concerning JD.com’s investment of $397 million on Farfetch alongside a mutually valuable partnership which invests on the respective reach of the two firms within China as well as the experience connected to luxury fashion.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a graduate of the Renmin University of China. He graduated in the year 1996. Despite studying sociology, he consumed a lot of time enhancing his skills on computer programming through the coding tasks alongside freelance. He went ahead to study his masters at the China Europe International School of Business. It is after his graduation that he began working with a health product firm named Japan Life. He occupied various positions in his tenure of two-year tenure alongside business and computers directors.

It was in the year 1998 that Richard Liu went out individually and opened a shop that sold magneto-optical items within Beijing. He gave it the name Jingdong about his name and that of the girlfriend he then had. The expansion was incredible, and it reached twelve stores the year 2003. However, the outbreak of SARS that happened that year made customers and staff remain house-bound which threatened the future of Jingdong. This then forced Richard to make a reconsideration of the brick-and-mortar enterprise structure that led to the birth of JD.com in 2004. Within a year, he had closed all the stores to concentrate on e-commerce. It is at this point that he started selling an assortment of quality electronics alongside consumer goods. Go Here for more information.

Tencent is the owner of Wechat that acquired a stake of fifteen percent in JD.com worth $215 million. In line with the deal, WeChat decided to boost JD.com through its social network with over a billion active users every month. The rapid expansion and growth of JD.com match Alibaba ’s which makes them the two leading Chinese giants and fierce rivals in line with e-commerce.

Due to his hard work throughout the years, Mr. Qiangdong has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years. One of these incredibly amazing awards was the “2017 Variety500 Honoree” in the variety honors.


Visit: https://www.businessoffashion.com/community/people/richard-liu




Attorney Rick Cofer Comments On Juvenile Justice In The US


The US justice system was founded on a pledge of great idealism and hope for justice for all. Most people are aware, however, that our justice system is deeply flawed in many respects. Austin attorney Rick Cofer has written widely on the subject of justice for juveniles in our country, and it is his observation that many young people, especially those in minority groups, are given less than equal treatment under the law.


Rick Cofer runs his own law practice; Rick Coffer Law PLLC, representing people charged with crimes in Central Texas. Rick Cofer has extensive experience in criminal matters ranging from drug possession, drunk driving, and family violence, to serious felony offenses like robbery, sexual assault, and murder.


Rick Cofer often comments on the injustices that are currently brought down upon young defendants, and he is working hard to push for change. Rick Cofer’s in-depth understanding has made him a resourceful person. He dedicates his time in researching. Rick’s insightful work has helped to unfold the miseries faced by teenagers.

Coerced Confessions.

The reality of the current justice system for defendants under 18 years of age is quite harsh, according to Rick Cofer. Our system does not make allowances for the vulnerability of young people who are hauled into police stations under suspicion, especially when the police want to get a quick conviction in a case. It’s seemingly very easy for adults to forget how frightening it can be for a young person (even as young as age ten) to deal with an authority figure as formidable as a police officer. Many of these juveniles will admit to being so frightened they would say seemingly anything in order to get through the ordeal of questioning. Sadly, this is where many false confessions come into play, according to Rick Cofer.

Rick Cofer states that there are countless examples of false confessions being taken from juveniles after a period of coercion, with no lawyer present. This is apparently what happened in the case of The Central Park Five, when five minority juvenile suspects confessed to the gang rape of a female jogger in Central Park. Later it was found that another suspect was actually guilty of the crime, after the falsely accused boys had to endure the ordeal of a trial. Rick Cofer insists that we must change our system so injustices such as these end. Go Here to learn more about Rick Cofer.


Visit him on https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/78701-tx-rick-cofer-1802667.html



Richard Liu Qiangdong Career Line


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese Billionaire known across the globe for his remarkable entrepreneurial contributions in China and to society. In 1998 Richard Liu started Jingdong company that was named by combining his last name and the last name of his first girlfriend. He was devoted to manage the company and lead it to success. Richard Liu understood the market demand which was to sell authorized and original products, unlike other companies. By 2003, the company had employed thousands of employees to serve in 12 stores to sell magneto-optical products.


When SARS struck, the Jingdong company faced loss since many customers and employees were forced by circumstance to stay at home. Richard Liu also feared that his employees would be hit; he sent them home with some supplies to sustain them before the outbreak passed. In 2004, Richard Liu with the help of one of his managers launched J.D.com, online website to sell products. J.D.com sells a variety of products including, electronics, consumer goods and electronics. There is stiff competition from Alibaba company, but J.D.com emerges at the top due to their modern technology and selling a variety of products.


Richard Liu Qiangdong aligned with Walmart company in 2014 which owns a stake worth about $215 million in J.D.com. WeChat company also has a 15% stake in J.D company hence provided millions of active users. Over the years. J.D.com has more than $50 billion market value making it the largest retail business in China. They deliver products to users using robots and drones.


Richard Liu has set plans to expand the company to Europe, Asia, the US among other parts of the world. He has started exporting the best goods from various parts of the world to China to ensure J.D.com sells a variety of products as compared to other companies.


Richard Liu is married to Zhang Zetian and has both a son and a daughter. Richard Liu spends time with his family to provide both financial and moral support. During his leisure time, Richard Liu likes swimming, walking and exploring in the desert; he has traveled to almost every desert in the world. Read This Article for additional information.


More about Richard Liu Qiangdong:  https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-liu-e9b4