Entrepreneur Chris Burch Repurposed 1608 Hotel Particulier As A Family Home

Chris Burch, an American entrepreneur and the founder of Burch Creative Capital, always wanted to have his own apartment in Paris. However, one of his problems was the fact that he cannot find a suitable place. Together with the Marco Scarani and purveyor Jamie Creel, Burch took a day trip in Senlis. They never realized that during this trip, they would found a new renovation project.

During their Senlis adventures, Scarani and Creel decided to visit the 1608 Hotel Particulier with Christ Burch behind them. Scarani remembered how the hotel was very stunning, but he knew that the hotel was too big and it would require a lot of renovation. On the other hand, Burch knew it was something he was looking for. He knew that it would need heavy renovations, but it feels wonderful for him and hopes that the home can become a family house. Scarani commented that Burch’s impulse buying part of his spontaneousness, which in return, is a great secret to his success.

Chris Burch was determined to bring the 10,000 square foot house to its former glory. It still has its 17th- and 18t- century floors, paneling, and beams, but it also got patchy renovations. In the past, Scarani has worked with Burch before in Nihi for Burch’s surf resort. That’s why it was in no one’s surprise when Burch wants him to work again in the 1608 Hotel Particulier renovation. To start, he immediately calls French Architect and Decorator Michel Pinet. Pinet is known for his work in Chateau de Versailles. In addition, Pinet is an expert in antique wallpapers and fabrics.

But before Michel Pinet started working in the project, they have one significant papier peint in their collection. It is the complete set of Joseph Dufour’s 1805 painting of Captain Cook. Scarani happened to found the treasure from Christie’s Catalogue. The painting was bought right away, with Christ Burch stopping at nothing to buy the painting.

The plan was to maintain the feeling of a historic home with the functionality of the modern one. They remodeled the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as the antique tiles, and the antique Brequenie in the main kitchen. Scarani also included the Tree of Life in Burch’s bedroom to make its atmosphere relaxed. In the end, the renovation was a success and all of Burch’s three daughters loved the place. The surf house in Nehi was for her sons. Now, he also has something for his daughters.

Find out more about Chris: https://nihi.com/chris-burch/

Stratford Shields, Expert in Municipal Finance

For over two decades now, Stratford Shields has been at the fore front within the industry of municipal finance. In the industry, he has had several executive roles from bi g a Treasurer, a Vice Chairman to the Chairman of Municipal Division of Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIMFA). Working here, he led the association in creating a voluntary ban within securities organizations in eliminating the financial contributions of elections through ballot bond. In addition, Stratford has been one of the leading bankers in investment within the municipal finance.

Similarly, he has led in areas of privatization such as landmark transactions in corporations such as Ohio State University. He led them in their development of the parking system of a $483M deal. Thus, they were awarded by the Bond Buyer with the Deal of the Year. Serving in the municipal finance sector, he was able to complete deals worth $30 bn in different sectors. Among the clients that Stratford Shields has worked for are airports, toll roads, water, student loan agencies, universities, states, hospital systems, water entities among others. Through him, these entities have been able to reach to optimum financial achievements.

Through his career life, he served in companies such as Morgan Stanley here he served as the Head of Public finance for five years. Being raked by the coveted journal Wall Street, the company was able to rise from the rank of 10 to 4. Today, he served in a Chicago based company Loop Capital Markets as the Managing Director. Also h has worked in politics where he has a position in State Controlling Board as the President. Also he served in the Office of Ohio Office of Management and Budget as the Deputy Director. Stratford Shields graduated from Ohio State University with B.A in History and later attained an MBA at Columbia University.

Carsten Thiel – The New EUSA President Europe


EUSA is a global company that deals with biopharmaceuticals which are focused on rare disease and oncology. The company announced that they had appointed Carsten Thiel as president and Darrel P. Cohen the head of clinical development. They stated this as a way for them to strengthen their senior leadership team.


Both Darrel P. Cohen and Carsten Thiel have extensive experience when it comes to the senior level of pharmaceutical, and through their newly appointed roles, they will help to lead the growing EUSA’s infrastructure in both Europe and globally in terms of clinical development activities effectively.


Carsten Thiel is well experienced with 27 years in the industry having worked in different roles internationally. Before being appointed the EUSA Europe president, he was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutic Inc. which is a US-based gene therapy company. Darrel P. Cohen, on the other hand, is an oncologist/hematologist who has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years where he has showcased his experience in clinical development.


According to the CEO of EUSA Pharma, Lee Morley, they are delighted to welcome both Darrel and Thiel to the EUSA. Carsten Thiel stated that he knows both of them will bring outstanding experience, vision, as well as exceptional skills to the company. Lee Morley went to on to affirm that the experience both Thiel and Darrel bring will prove to be invaluable as they expand in Europe, the US and emerging markets. Refer to This Article for more information.


Carsten background


Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany but later advanced his studies in chemistry in Malbrook in the UK. Thiel always had the desire to be well informed in the Anglo-Saxon Educational system, which led him to leave his native country and go to the UK to study at the University of Bristol. He studies organic chemistry at the University of Bristol and later on attended Max Planck, a prestigious Institute for Biophysical chemistry and earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.


More on https://medium.com/@carstenthiel/biotechnology-is-the-wave-of-the-future-9e4876c934c


The Gulf Coast Western, LLC and Partners For A Better Oil and Gas Industry


Gulf Coast Western is a company found in the Gulf Coast area of the US. This is a company that explores, develops, and handles the acquisition of the US domestic oil and gas reserves. The company was established more than 40 years ago, and since then it has not and is not expected to any time soon waver in its mandate. Its main focus is to capitalize on its industry network and strategic partnerships and secure opportunities in oil and gas prospects as well as properties that in return provide a huge return potential with evaluated downside risks for its partners.

The company neither offers or sells securities. However, it provides qualified individuals and organizations the opportunity to take part in the joint adventure partnerships that are geared on the acquisition exploration as well as developing oil and gas properties. This, in turn, generates both income and tax benefits to them, meaning that partners retain up to 100% control over their joint ventures. The company jointly, with its partners combines resources, their talents, and experience in creating unique opportunities for investment. The Gulf Coast Western believes that this initiative will provide longtime success for its joint ventures.

At the top of the company’s leadership is Mr. Matthew H. Fleeger, who is the chief executive officer, the president, and director. He is 53 years. He has a strong background in finance, marketing as well as sales. Also, he has a broad wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has served as the president of this reputable company from 1985 to 1990. He has also been the vice president of Kinlaw Oil Company from 1990 to 1993. He attended South Methodist University and in 1985, he received his Bachelor’s degree in business, finance and marketing option. Dustin Collins is the senior vice president of the company while Steve Evans, CPA is the chief financial officer. All these and more bright minds put together forms the now endowed Gulf Coast Western, LLC.

Ara Chackerian And His Insight In Healthcare And Its Stock Investment Potential

Ara Chackerian has spent a big part of his career focusing on the healthcare field, specifically in mixing technology to improve healthcare services. Because of his expertise in the field, he currently sits on a number of boards in the Bay Area. Besides working for the healthcare industry, Chackerian is also an advocate for environmental development.

One of the environmental projects of Ara Chackerian is the sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua which is the Limonapa Teak. This project uses environmentally-friendly agricultural practices, which means that the operations do not use harmful objects that can harm the environment. This project also provides jobs for residents in the surrounding local communities.

Ara Chackerian is also an advocate of furniture materials which are not harmful to the environment. In this case, the demand for furniture are still met, but using a more environmentally friendly way. In one of his features in Medium, he suggests that the use of woods like timber other logs that are found in the forest should be minimized. Instead, people should use other alternatives.

Bamboo is the one alternative that Ara Chackerian suggests. This is because bamboo creates a strong yet versatile structure as well as more sustainable than a timber. He also suggests the reduction of usage of main furniture materials such as teak, which have a very high demand.

When it comes to investing, Ara Chackerian suggests three healthcare stocks that can dominate the stock market in the future. The first stock is Pfizer which has been present in the healthcare industry since 1938. Pfizer is known for lucrative returns on the investors’ funds. Another recommendation is Welltower, which is the largest investment trust focused on healthcare. Long-term growth for its stocks is expected. Last but not least is Abbvie, one of the biggest drug manufacturers. The stock is expected to soar after its drug to treat cancer and hepatitis C will be launched.


Alec Sellem To Participate In Open Discussion On Africa Energy Laws

According to an article from PRnewswire.com, a specialist on mining named Alec Sellem joined a host of other experts to discuss the potential of Africa, specifically on the development of energy and the exploration of natural resources. The event took place at the United Nations in “the big apple” and was going to explore the energy laws of Africa. Sellem had his very own presentation focused on human rights at the event that was followed with a discussion and questions.


He is the CEO and founder of Sellem Industries and was overall grateful to be a part of the panel at the United Nations. He went on to reflect that it was important to discuss the energy laws in Africa and on what could be done moving forward.


Alec Sellem also believes it is an interesting topic when it is involved with human rights. The purpose of the entire event, which took place on March 18, was on the situation in Africa when it comes to their laws in place and what can be done in the future or what should be executed.


The first half of the panel discussed the human rights side of things while the second had the environmental impact and viewpoint. People in the audience were allowed to ask any questions and it was also free to any individual who wanted to go before space ran out. View Related Info Here.


Alec Sellems’ firm is based in London as he has surrounded his company with professionals and talented businessmen. His company works primarily with partners in Africa and Latin America on the business side of things and in operations.


Alec Sellem has a proven past with creating other startups that have been successful as he is from France and with education out of Switzerland. The individual resides in Africa.


Source article: https://geeksnews.co.uk/artisanal-and-small-scale-mining-with-alec-sellem/


Steve Lesnard Understands Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard is a graduate of Babson College where he attained a Master of Business and Entrepreneurship and a Master in Business Administration. He has held a number of successful positions in global marketing, including General Manager and Global Vice President for Nike, giving him first hand experience of how to market products in today’s digital world.

A company’s ability to understand how their products will add real value to customers’ lives is what Steve Lesnard sees as the starting point in creating products. An understanding of what kind of customers are being targeted is also essential.

Steve Lesnard has defined two key principles that will lead to successful marketing. First of all it is important to keep the message simple and memorable. This is not as easy as it may sound and why talented marketers are so valuable. Highlighting how the product will benefit the customer, especially in new ways that will attract the consummer’s attention, is what will lead to sales. When Apple used “10k songs in your pocket” to advertise the iPod, it certainly caught peoples’ attention in a way that made them invision themselves with music always with them on the go.

The second principle that Steve Lesnard values is to bring the product to life by making it clear how the customer would use the product, how they would look using it, how others look using it. For this phase of advertising it is so important to pick the right people to broadcast the message. Using famous people who relate to the age groups in question, as well as praise from consummers in general, are just two ways that the digital age can get the message across to customers in ways that static advertising through magazines and even today’s television cannot match.

Find out more about Steve: https://www.producthunt.com/@steve_lesnard

Carsten Thiel, Biopharmaceutical CEO Extraordinaire


Carsten Thiel is the current CEO of Abeona Therapeutics Inc. He previously was the Chief Executive Officer at Amgen. Thiel has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutical realm; he received a graduate degree from Philipps University of Marburg and a doctorate degree in molecular genetics at the Max-Planck-Institute.


Carsten Thiel began his career at a biotechnology company called Hoffman La-Roche. He meticulously worked his way up the ranks and after working at several biotech/pharmaceutical companies, he now finds himself as the CEO of Abeona. Abeona therapeutics is a company which develops gene and cell therapies for individuals with rare diseases.


Carsten was recently interviewed by Ideamensch, an interview platform for entrepreneurs, in which he shares his thoughts on his career and on entrepreneurship. Carsten believes that an important part of his success comes from collaborative effort.


Carsten Thiel encourages his co-workers/ team members and listens to their input. By facilitating passion in each position, the company will flourish. He has found that empathy and human connection are one of the most overlooked elements in business and science.


One trend that Carsten is most excited about is new technologies and how they are being melded with medicine to advance the medical field. An example that he gives is it took decades to decode the human genome; compared to the present day in which it can be decoded in four days. Carsten is focusing his efforts on developing biotechnologies for individuals who currently lack any kind of treatment.


In an interview with IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel expressed that people in future generations will remember the present as the most transformative time in history, where we use science and biology not only to understand, but actually to treat, and eradicate diseases.


He believes that being the FIRST company to offer an innovative product to a subset of people, such as those with a certain disease, very important for success. Carsten compares this to the popularity of Lfyt and Uber, the first two rideshare companies; they are so successful because they were the first companies within the rideshare space.


More on https://www.karyopharm.com/about/board-of-directors/


Sports and Art in Academy of Art University

Nurturing the talent of students is very important so are studies. This will help prepare for life as well as the future. There are different aspects one must consider when it comes to athletics and art especially their similarities. Successful artists are able to accept whatever comes their way whether good or bad. Skills to excel in natural talent may not require a coach or an instructor; but for those people with both talents it is important to have one. They will be able to guide you through the whole process and ensure you are able to understand what you are up against.

Having a talent in both sports and art is one thing but having the right communication skills is another. You need to be able to learn how to communicate with other people through speaking and listening skills. Asking and answering questions helps you succeed and understand more. This will give a chance to discuss with other people about your passion and share more conversations. Make sure you learn how to listen and understand before you come up with answers or conversations.

Organizational Skills

It is important to always be organized no matter what your passion is. As an artist, organizational skills are vital in order to succeed. There must be instructions, tools and materials in order to complete a specific project. As an athlete or an artist, being organized is vital so you can come up with presentable work. Organizational skills are not an option for anyone willing to be a professional artist or succeed in any field.


Academy of Art University was founded by Richard S. Stephens, the creative director of Sunset Magazine, in the year 1929. It is an inspiring university which nurtures the talents of upcoming professional designers and artists. The students transform both mentally and physically through hard work and determination. Richard believed that students could become professionals only if they followed instructions and gained the necessary skills required in their specific field. There are professional artists who offer art lessons whereby students geta chance to interact with more experienced artists.

The History And Success Of Carsten Thiel


Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin. He studied chemistry prior to continuing his education at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Thiel’s field of study was organic chemistry. Once he earned his Bachelor of Science, he specialized in biochemistry. He concluded his education after receiving his Molecular Biology PhD at the Max Planck Institute. Thiel’s focus was on the transition of a healthy cell into a cancerous cell. Carsten Thiel began his career with the biotechnology firm of Hoffman la-Roche.


He began working for Hoffman la-Roche as the Product and Communications Manager. His responsibilities eventually increased to include market assessment and scientific marketing. He has successfully launched several pharma products and gained experience regarding product launches.


Carsten Thiel is a successful leader, a man of strong ethics and believes humanity is a powerful component in the work environment. Carsten Thiel starts his days having breakfast with family. He then browses the international headlines and reviews his email prior to going to work.


Prioritizing time is essential for Carsten Thiel due to numerous commitments requiring a large portion of his time. He ensures his operational tasks are performed every day while keeping an eye on the future. He spends approximately 25 percent of his days with investors and his company board. He believes a cohesive unit requires ensuring the key players are all in sync. Approximately ten percent of his time is spent interacting with physicians, clients and the people who will actually be using the products he provides.


Carsten Thiel spends time traveling every day, remains informed and involved with his products and understands how they are received. Thiel believes a good leader engages their staff. He checks with his staff, remains current with anything relating to the employees and builds a relationship with anyone involved with his company’s success.


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