Ara Chackerian And His Insight In Healthcare And Its Stock Investment Potential

Ara Chackerian has spent a big part of his career focusing on the healthcare field, specifically in mixing technology to improve healthcare services. Because of his expertise in the field, he currently sits on a number of boards in the Bay Area. Besides working for the healthcare industry, Chackerian is also an advocate for environmental development.

One of the environmental projects of Ara Chackerian is the sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua which is the Limonapa Teak. This project uses environmentally-friendly agricultural practices, which means that the operations do not use harmful objects that can harm the environment. This project also provides jobs for residents in the surrounding local communities.

Ara Chackerian is also an advocate of furniture materials which are not harmful to the environment. In this case, the demand for furniture are still met, but using a more environmentally friendly way. In one of his features in Medium, he suggests that the use of woods like timber other logs that are found in the forest should be minimized. Instead, people should use other alternatives.

Bamboo is the one alternative that Ara Chackerian suggests. This is because bamboo creates a strong yet versatile structure as well as more sustainable than a timber. He also suggests the reduction of usage of main furniture materials such as teak, which have a very high demand.

When it comes to investing, Ara Chackerian suggests three healthcare stocks that can dominate the stock market in the future. The first stock is Pfizer which has been present in the healthcare industry since 1938. Pfizer is known for lucrative returns on the investors’ funds. Another recommendation is Welltower, which is the largest investment trust focused on healthcare. Long-term growth for its stocks is expected. Last but not least is Abbvie, one of the biggest drug manufacturers. The stock is expected to soar after its drug to treat cancer and hepatitis C will be launched.


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