Michael Burwell Joins Willis Towers Watson

In an interview, Michael Burwell talks about himself and the new company he joined as the Chief Executive Officer. So that he can ensure he is productive, Michael learns how he can do more with less. Due to the dramatic improvement of technology, it has improved people’s lives in different ways and it includes the high number of tasks that are completed in a day. When people take advantage of the available tools, they help them to maintain higher production level. The tools help in streamlining the operations and making lives more manageable. Michael sees the sense of taking that advantage of the tools to assist in performance of higher level.


Leading the finance operations at Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell advice people often but he avoids stressing them on the importance of developing relationships and networking within their field. It is essential to do relationship cultivation due to business purposes. Besides, it is helpful in general to have interpersonal relationships when they are at the moment. For a vital success in an industry, it is essential to have a reliable communication with potential investors, clients, colleagues and team members. Michael made once a poor decision when he was involved in a new technology that requires development. He had put a lot of money, time and effort into the project. When he looked at the trends in the market, he made the decision to stop the project. The choice was not popular but the best that could be made.


When Michael Burwell was called upon to be the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley spoke on the news. He said how the organization is excited as Michael joins it at an essential point of the organization. The reason was because Michael Burwell clearly understands well leading, managing and driving results for an involved global company that has strong focus on its clients. They had confidence with his expertise in transformation, transaction and finance as it is suited well in guiding their long-time growth and maintaining their integral efforts. It will allow the organization to attain its full potential. See This Page for additional information.


Michael Burwell talked of how he is honored for the opportunity given to him to be the organization’s CEO. He therefore, looks forward to making his contributions for the success of Willis Towers Watson.



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Clay Hutson’s Work In Action

Clay Hutson attended the University of Central Michigan. He received his bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Theatre Production and in Technical Production. He received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan. He has been working for Getagrip Touring company since 1999. He has been the vice-President for a production company called Ronin Event Creative company since the year 2001. He was stage and production manager for Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland and Kanye West.

Today Clay Hutson he lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He has become unique music producer. He spends all his time making sure every artist’s performance is perfect. He really listens and does exactly what he artists want him to do with a little bit of finesse.

Hutson came up with the idea to start his own production management company during the recession. The company he was working with prior to going on his own, he figures he has what it takes to be an amazing producer. He has the experience to do everything pertaining to be a music producer. He has been in the business for years, and he knows every single aspect inside and out.

Right now, Clay Hutson is producing Kid Rock’s shows. He wakes up early in the morning, around 6:30a.m., to get to the venue. He likes to arrive before everyone else does. He likes to schedule and get everything ready for the crew so when the artist arrives, he can be Hutson’s focus toward putting on a phenomenal concert. He has everything in his mind how he wants it to look and sound when the show goes on. When he is getting ready for the show there are three main things that he follows. This ensures him that his shows are going to go on with a bang. This is how he plans his day from the most meaningless task to the most meaningful tasks.

Hutson doesn’t just put on a simple concert for his artist. He makes it an extravaganza. The lighting and video is a huge part of making the shows fantastic. The video is a huge portion of a concert because if a fan is sitting in the nose bleed section, the artist will be no bigger than a Lego Mini Figure. The video enables these fans to see what the artist is doing without binoculars. Technical advances are popping up everywhere. Some artists are also adding acrobatics and aerial stunts to their show to further whoa their fans.

Hutson’s believes that anyone can be trained in the music business. Someone that is talented and loves what they do can really have a passion of the nosiness and have the potential to be good at it. Someone can be super smart and have a good outlook on life, but that doesn’t mean they have interest to be in the music business. If anyone has a passion for music, then they can be trained in the business. Music has really inspired his life and he would love to pass on his great learnings to others.

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Paul Herdsman’s Tips For Success

Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. NICE Global is part of an all-star team dedicated to ensuring that its clients are monetizing their online traffic and getting the highest return on their marketing spend.


Paul Herdsman, shares 12 Business Tips for being a successful entrepreneur.


People with positive attitudes are energized and resilient problem solvers. Release negativity by thinking of the 5 things you are grateful for.


You must take risks to be an entrepreneur. Find out if the risk is worth taking through information gathering.

Ensure that you care about the work you do, making it evident to others.


Paul Herdsman emphasized having a vision for your business. Define your goals and what stands in the way of achieving them. Remember why you first wanted to start your business so that your mindset will improve.

You will be influenced by those around you. Build a team of people with good values and character. The team should be diverse and make up for your weaknesses.


Entrepreneurs should never take shortcuts, but instead prioritize work, stay dedicated, and do it what it takes.

Everyone makes mistakes, but you must learn from them and try again. Within the first 4 years, small businesses fail at a rate of 50%. Reflect on the mistakes and adapt to the market. See This Page for additional information.


Find out what the customers want and need before coming up with a solution. Business growth depends on attentiveness to customer feedback.


Paul Herdsman says, If you go beyond your customer’s expectations, they will promote your business. Give them good reasons to choose you over your competitors.


Stay persistent and never give up. Do what is required to succeed, despite how long it may take.

You need a mentor who can provide advice and an unbiased perspective. Make sure they listen well and can be trusted. The best mentor is someone who has success in your field that you desire to replicate.

Only pursue the best ideas and learn how to say no.


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Rocketship Charter Schools-The Platform for Success

Rocketship Education is a highly successful charter school platform that focuses on helping children from urban areas learn the keys to success in education. Based out of California, Rocketship Education is geared and designed to help all children learn through a highly interactive school curriculum. The curriculum includes a strong teacher-student-parent framework that employs multiple educational formats for students to learn and excel in.

The significance of Rocketship Schools successes, is that they have chosen to go into urban areas known to have poor educational student success rates and below grade level testing results. Rocketship has already graduated over 15,000 students out of their elementary programs since their beginning roots in San Jose California in 2006.

The charter schools operate in 4 regions of the country: Milwaukee, Nashville, Washington D.C. and California. They operate 21 schools throughout these regions. All of their schools are elementary charter schools. The core of their teaching model involves: smaller classroom sizes, small group tutoring and some online teaching formats for more individualized teaching.

The latest of their schools is scheduled to open in August 2018 in Antioch California. The Schools have received large scholarship grants from private as well as public government sources in addition to their traditional funding. Netflix’s CEO Reed Hasting’s, Professional Tennis player Andre Agassi and the Obama Administration have been all key donors to the Rocketship platform of schools.

The Rocketship ideology was born out of a spirit of creating a positive well developed educational experience for children in at risk educational environments. A majority of the students within the Rocketship population are children who come from urban areas. A full seventy percent of the students at Rocketship are learning English as a second language.

When compared to other schools in similar urban settings throughout the country, Rocketship has a very high success rate in their student body. These statistics include current student body as well as alumni students. In fact, Rocketship Elementary Charter Schools consistently rank in the top 10% of the nation’s urban schools. This includes rankings on national test scores for achievement exams and overall classroom performance.

Betsy DeVos: Everyone Deserves a Good Education

All of the things that you might value in education for your own child are probably things that are not currently available in the public school system. It is true that some parents might get lucky and have their children enrolled in a surprisingly well-performing district, but it is more likely that students are still being given a level of education that is substandard. Betsy DeVos was an advocate for school choice way before it was more of a mainstream issue. Now more parents are seeing that this is a growing problem in America and they want to take steps to adjust for it. Betsy DeVos, now Secretary of Education, has many thoughts on why school choice programs are going to be so important in the future.


A previous interview that she had with Philanthropy highlights why she believes that this option is going to be the future of American education. She explains that while she has a burning passion for the field of education at this time, her introduction to education was a gradual one. She had her own children that were enrolled in a private institution, but she also came across parents who were struggling to keep their children in that institution as well. They did not want to put their children into the public-school system. Instead, they were willing to sacrifice everything they had to ensure that their children were in an environment that they consider being essential to their learning process. It was also a good piece of mind for them that their children were safe and held to a higher educational standard.


For Betsy DeVos, this dedication showed her that a good education is sometimes a sacrifice for parents. She wanted to make it more mainstream for parents to consider alternative education choices. By doing so, she wanted to make it possible for these types of parents to qualify for scholarship programs and school voucher programs. She went on to join the State Board of Education in Michigan to help advocate for those voucher programs and scholarships. As a result of her efforts, Michigan is now a leading example in the school choice movement. She wants to parlay the success that she experienced while in Michigan to her national role as Secretary of Education. She believes that more parents all over the nation are still in need of this type of guidance where these educational institutions will be open to their children. She is willing to put in the work necessary to help children who would not normally have access to the superb learning facilities that are available through third-party education vendors. She knows that these resources are sometimes out of reach, that is why she is so committed to scholarship programs and other types of payment for the use of this education. It is her hope that as people become more familiarized with these additional education systems, that funding will open up to make it possible for lower income individuals to remain a part of the system. She believes that everyone deserves a good education.


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