Adam Milstein Alerts the Friends of Israel Regarding the Increasing Anti Semitic Wave

According to Adam Milstein, the establishment of the Zionist state did not augur well with many Muslims around the Middle Eastern region. He says that Israel was used to the hatred coming from the right wing. However, according to Adam Milstein, there is an increased wave of anti Semitism that has been rising in the recent years. The groups are hell-bent on making Israel appear the villain without due consideration of the facts surrounding the issue. In a report that was posted on JNS by Adam, he says that the hatred against Jews and Israel is no longer a preoccupation of the radical right. It has found its way into the hearts of the radical leftists. Adam says that the enemies of the Jewish state are using ant Semitic sentiments to galvanize support from Muslims from all quarters. In other words, it is a uniting factor among Muslims.

Different Regions, Common Ideas Shared

According to Adam Milstein on JNS, the three sources of hate campaigns against Semites and the state of Israel, in general, are sharing ideas and tactics on how to propagate the hatred further, and destroy the state of Israel. While it is not so shocking to know that radical Muslims are increasingly finding ways to hate the Zionists better, it is disturbing to know that some of the regions and communities that were either neutral or strong supporters of the Jewish cause have turned against them. The hatred for western influence has also helped to unite the anti-Semitic ideology. The enemies of the Jewfish state have managed to cast their differences aside for the sake of uniting against Israel.

Adam wonders how the radical left manages to look away from the extremes of radical Islam. He describes some of the ideas and culture among the Muslims including mistreating women, minorities, and gays as bigoted. Such perceptions create a false image of Islam being a monolithic block. Adam Milstein says that it is important to recognize the difference between mainstream Islam and radical Islam. The tendency to view Islam as a monolithic entity only worsens the situation and offers a false token that they are oppressed by the West.

Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman Writes About How To Successfully Launch A Company

As an entrepreneur himself, Paul Herdsman recently wrote an article about what it takes to be a successful one. He has started a number of companies himself. He co-founded ATS Digital in February 2014 and used to be its chief operating officer. He also founded NICE Global at the same time which he located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. NICE Global offers a full suite of business solutions to its clients.


Paul Herdsman emphasized positive attitude, is what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. People who have a positive attitude can solve problems that crop up and also have quite a bit more energy. He wrote that people trying to increase how positive they are should start with expressing their gratitude to others.


It also takes a willingness to take risks. Failure is always a possibility, but you will never know if a business idea you have will succeed or not until you try it. Paul Herdsman said he had an idea that differentiated NICE Global from other companies in the same industry. He was willing to take the risk of getting this company started because he assessed all of the risks ahead of time and decided it was a good risk to take on his part.


What can really help a company succeed is if you as the founder really enjoy the work you do, Paul Herdsman says. Running your own company takes a lot of time and effort. He says you really need to be passionate about what your company does so that you’re willing to pour in all this work. He wrote you should also build a team of other passionate people because nobody can really go it alone in business.


Paul Herdsman is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. One of the companies he worked for after graduating was JM Family Enterprises, Inc. in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He worked for this company from 2001 to 2004 before joining iS3, Inc. in May of that year as their Business Development Director. He continues to work and live in the greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale area as well as frequently traveling to Jamaica for business meetings.


Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman




Sussex Healthcare Has Plenty To Offer To England’s Aging Population

Sussex Healthcare has been providing care for the aging population and special needs adults for more than 20 years and is headquartered on the south coast of England. It is led by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani who use their mix of talents and experience to guide the company. Today, there are over 20 separate facilities under the umbrella of the company, but the first one opened in 1985. While Sussex Healthcare focuses, primarily, on older people who are facing age-related diseases, it also helps out younger adults who suffer from cognitive and neurological conditions. The staff at the company is trained, educated on an ongoing basis, and is paid competitive rates.


Sussex Healthcare is housed by a staff that is full of compassion and the kind of dedication needed to provide the best care. They are compensated with healthy salaries, a pension, reduced rate accommodations, paid vacations, and much more. They work to offer quality care for the aging population and adults with physical development or learning issues, and they do so by offering short breaks or respite care for caregivers who take care of family, palliative care for the chronically ill, care for those who suffer from dementia, and more.


Sussex Healthcare is dedicated to offering a premium experience for the people that come to them, and some of their facilities include swimming pools and gyms, nursing care professionals, modern technology, a comfortable aesthetic, activities and therapeutic programs, and kitchens that use local ingredients whenever they can and put together menus that work with the dietary needs of every resident. Some of the residential houses provided by Sussex Healthcare have gardens that the residents can take part in if they desire. Go To This Page for additional information.


Sussex Healthcare has many different full-residential facilities for seniors, and one of these is the Clemsfold House that sits near the village of Horsham, West Sussex. There are services for those who suffer with dementia, and it is possible to house up to 31 people at a time. This facility ensures that residents can live out an active life while also having all of the privacy that they desire. The Forest Lodge in East Sussex is a country home located just outside of Uckfield, East Sussex and includes an eight-acre garden that surrounds the property. This property is mainly for those who require special care related to Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. Among the amenities at the facility are a cafe and country store.


With the support of Sussex Health Care’s Training Academy and the quality of the nursing teams, Sussex Healthcare are able to care for senior people who have a variety of complex health and social care needs and, in addition, offer respite and residential care.



James Larkin; the Famous Activist for Irish Casual Laborers

A century ago, Irish casual workers were neglected and worked under severe conditions. While a majority of the employees were unskilled, labors unions were for the skilled and educated workers. Casual laborers earned pennies, worked under hardship conditions, were neglected, and lacked support and help from the organizations that existed. They required someone to stand up and fight for them since the change was inevitable. The national bodies that were relevant were more into politics and overlooked the sad state of affairs facing casual workers.


James Larkin is an Irish native born and bred in the shanty neighborhoods of Liverpool. Coming from a poor background, Jim was unable to attend the formal system of education and at a young age started working in the Liverpool docks to earn a livelihood. He was first exposed to the power of mass action during the 1905 workers strike. From there, Jim decided to give his all in fighting for equal workers’ rights, improved working conditions, and socialism. He joined the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) and became the voice of the organization.


Through NUDL, James Larkin had a platform where he could advocate for the well-being and rights of Irish workers. Though he faced resistance from different quarters, his powerful voice could was hard to ignore. After several years, Jim was again involved in forming the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU). The organization grew exponentially to become the most significant and revered labor union in Ireland. Jim served as its chairman from 1907 to 1914 when he quit and moved to the United States to seek new challenges in life. Throughout his career in activism, Jim adored the doctrines of Karl Marx, a famous philosopher.


Apart from the NUDL and ITGWU, James Larkin was a member of the team that started the Irish Labor Party. The party was involved in significant protests and strikes that called for the change of the demeaning labor laws and improvement of working conditions. The famous 1913 lockout that saw more than 100,000 dockworkers go on strike was the work of James and other members of the party. The slowdown was successful as employers accepted to improve the working conditions of casual workers.

Prof. Kamil Idris working towards sustainable development

In an aim to celebrate and honor world intellectual property day commonly referred to as WIPO, Professor Kamil Idris sent a powerful message to the world. According to the renowned professor, the day which is marked by annual celebrations on 26th April has grown tremendously with governments and various prominent bodies joining in each year.


Unfortunately, even with this success in making WIPO an internationally recognized day, there are people who still wonder why anyone would go to such lengths to celebrate intellectual property. For this group of people, professor Kamil Idris had something to say them too. According to Mr. Kamil, intellectual property is something that should be highly respected, protected and celebrated because without it, the major inventions and innovations which we see today wouldn’t be here. It is through it that matters like global warming is being handled.


Again it is through it that the power of human creativity is put into action. The professor went on to add that it is thanks to intellectual property the world can now enjoy an easier, comfortable life such as stress-free movement by air, effortless communication through the internet and a long string of other innovations which shape our world today. Were it not for intellectual property then probably we would still be living in the Stone Age.


That is why according to Prof. Kamil WIPO was put in place to not only honor these innovations but also pay tribute to anyone who has ever contributed to making the world a better place because it is through their rich intellect property that life is now a walk in the park in comparison to a few years ago.


About Professor Kamil Idris


Born in August 1954, Professor Kamil Idris is a man whose name and presence commands a lot of respect and honor wherever he goes. This is because of his massive success, many accreditations and also the long list of senior positions which he has occupied in various prominent organizations. To mention but a few, Prof. Kamil is the former director general of WIPO a role he held from 1997 to 2008.


Besides that, Mr. Kamil Idris was also the president of the international court of arbitration and mediation (ICAM). Again these are just but a few that the esteemed professor has held over his successful career.


Professor Kamil Idris is also an intellect and holds a rich string of academic accreditation. For instance, he is an alumnus of Geneva University and the University of Khartoum from each he received a Ph.D. in international law and LLB honors respectively. He is also a proud LLB honors recipient from the faculty of law in the University of Khartoum and holds honorary law degrees from up to 19 universities spread out in the world.

About WASD


WASD is an acronym for world association development (WASD). It is a global platform on which leaders and experts from all parts of the world come together to discuss various issues which will help the world achieve sustainable development and at the same time achieve top-shelf science and technology management.


Through this forum, the experts and leaders from various sectors are able to exchange knowledge, share ideas and information on how to achieve the mentioned goals. In order to meet this objective, WASDA often holds seminars and conferences globally and also goes the extra mile by publishing journals and setting up international projects which attract experts from all corners of the world.


However, it cannot achieve this on its own which is why it works hand in hand with various state of the art facilities such as universities, government programs, and even research centers to make sustainable development a reality.

Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties Establishes Strong Entrepreneurial Ties for Business

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent business professional who hails from the Middle East. A billionaire and a successful entrepreneur, he is the service chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties. Currently, he is referred to as a trend setter in Dubai’s real estate industry as he has been able to accomplish much in a short period. In this context, the article will cover his early life, career and major accomplishments that have shaped his career.


A Look at His Early Life

The DAMAC owner was born in 1954. Coming from a middle-ranked family, he worked with his father in the family business and was able to garner vast experience as a leader and a business manager. While his father wanted him to inherit the family business, he opted to pursue other personal interests that made him acquainted with various business models and challenges.

Taking a Leap of Faith

After working with his father for a while, he decided to enrol for formal education in Baghdad. Although he deferred from his course in medicine, he earned full scholarship in America. Studying engineering, he focused on the technicalities of businesses after graduating. Sajwani delved into entrepreneurship after working for various technology companies.


DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is a prominent real estate company that was established in 2002. The company provides commercial real estate properties in the Middle East. In his tenure as the head cheerleader, Sajwani has managed to foster entrepreneurial ties between DAMAC and other world powers with America being the most memorable and often documented.


The Overview of Leadership and Business

Swajani has been in business far too long to understand the value of product positioning. As such, he uses his strong entrepreneurial ties to alleviate people from poverty through charity. With his high net worth, he has delved into charity and tagged along his associates with the sole purpose of empowering the community. Presently, Sajwani is on the verge of registering his company into the London stock exchange. Without a doubt, he can be described as a successful business professional and team leader in real estate.

Hussain Sajwani Has Emerged a Billionaire Real Estate Property Developer

Every successful business professional will narrate their story as not easy at the first time. For an entrepreneur especially, the tales always revolve around failures before success. As illustrated by one Hussain Sajwani who goes by the title the DAMAC owner, being an entrepreneur comes with its challenges. However, he has cemented his name in the competitive industry of Brazil’s real estate and has managed to accomplish tremendous success eventually. A mogul, serial entrepreneur and a successful real estate and property developer, Sajwani has managed to carve out a career path from his tender age of working with his father in a shop that he used to supply commodities.


Background Check


Sajwani grew up in The Middle East. He was young when his father tried to mentor him into joining the world of business. Although that was an opportunity to grow his business in future, Sajwani opted for other particular interests he had developed at that moment. Consequently, he joined school in Baghdad and attempted to pursue a course in medicine. However, that was short lived as he quit, moving to the United States of America for a different course. From his initial academic credentials, he was brilliant enough to earn full academic scholarship. That way, he joined Washington State University for a course in business administration. He excelled and leveraged his skills to GASCO, an affiliate of an oil company.


Career Experience


In 1982, Sajwani decided to establish a sole proprietorship in food catering. He therefore launched a food catering company that served about 150,000 meals to clients every day. Among the clients he served were hotels that needed management services, camps that required maintenance services as well as human resources services.


Establishing DAMAC Properties


Hussain Sajwani made millions from the food catering business. He was now in a position to leverage excellent services in real estate. Therefore, he delved into the business when the government of Dubai allowed foreigners to purchase land. DAMAC Properties has since grown into an admirable business venture that provides real estate for the people of Dubai and other neighboring states. Most fundamentally, Sajwani has developed strong entrepreneurial ties between his company and wealthy business associates. These ties continue to position his company among leading real estate companies in the industry.

DAMAC Owner Business Portfolio in the Middle East

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most well known businessmen in and around the Middle East. It is his business acumen that has led to him being recognized as one of Arab’s top 100 influential people. Sajwani is the founder and chairman of the DAMAC properties. He is a graduate from the University of Washington in the United States.

His first job was with GASCO Company where he worked for a short period as a Contracts Manager. In 1982, Sajwani decided to step into the world of business and went on to establish his first business a catering Enterprise that grew to be one of the highly sought after businesses in the Middle East.

DAMAC properties came into existence in 2002, after Hussain chose to tap into the property market that grew steadily in the mid 90s due to many people coming to the UAE. The company has established itself as one of the leading Property Development Companies in the UAE. It specializes in development of all type of development complexes include commercial and residential units. It has to date established over 23,000 units across different world cities including Jeddah, London and Doha among others.

DAMAC properties has collaborated with some well-known brands in developing its units. Bugatti, Versace, Just Cavalla, Paramount hotels & resorts and Fendi Casa are some of the brands DAMAC has collaborated with. One of the company’s milestones is the development of two Trump’s branded golf courses in partnership with the Donald Trump Foundation. The company has also managed to establish its hospitality division which will see to it that hotels receive the best services.

On the other hand the DAMAC owner is involved in philanthropy work assisting needy children around the UAE. To achieve this it he partnered with Emirates Red Crescent to donate money for clothing the needy children.

DAMAC owner Hussain has also got other business investments in global equity and capital markets. He also founded DICO investments a company that deals with Equities, mergers and acquisition’s. Sajwani also has invested in other companies such as Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles, Al Amana Building Materials and Al Jazeira Services.

The DAMAC owner currently resides with his wife and four children in Dubai and continues to change the world through business.

The Substantial Benefits Of Trading With AvaTrade

AvaTrade is one of the world’s top Forex brokers. The company was established in 2006 and has numerous locations throughout the world. They are licensed in the European Union and regulated through the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade is additionally regulated in Japan, Australia and the British Virgin Islands. The company executes over two million trades per month and has 200,000 global customers registered.


AvaTrade has a trading volume exceeding $60 billion each month. Their solid financial backing and perspective have made them unique in the world of online trading. All levels of traders are provided with an optimal trading environment. This includes commodities, Forex, indices and stocks. The headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. AvaTrade has been honored with nine awards in the industry beginning in 2009.


AvaTrade offers one standard account with a minimum deposit of $100. Variable, fixed and floating rates are offered. They offer numerous types of orders including market, limit, stop loss, entry limits, advanced and trailing stops. Segregated accounts are used for client funds to ensure security. Hedge betting is available as tax free trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform or through a live account in Ireland and the United Kingdom.


AvaTrade was a leader in the introduction of CFD trading for stocks, indices and commodities. They also led the way regarding retail trader access to the Bitcoin market. They offer additional features not usually available with other brokers. The website is simple to navigate and the tabs are clear. There are numerous different languages available for traders.


A generous bonus deposit is provided by AvaTrade when an account is opened by a new client. Clients receive awards for single minimum deposits, special offerings, express withdrawal approvals, tailored educational programs, customized trading terms, a dedicated hotline, special gifts and additional bonuses. AvaTrade also provides live webinars, online courses and daily analysis.


The Forex Trading Strategies eBook is provided within the Forex learning tools. This offers information for identifying trends from technical analysis and the news. This enables the traders to make better informed decisions. AvaTrade additionally posts news from the live market integrated into the platforms used by the traders.

Gregory Aziz: A Leading Figure In National Steel Car Company

Gregory Aziz is the president, chairman, and chief executive officer of National Steel Car. The firm is prominent when it comes to railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering projects globally. It is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The company has over 100 years of experience in engineering, commitment to quality, and producing of freight vehicles. It has earned an incredible reputation among other kinds of business in the same sector.


The core mission of National Steel Car is having a high value for people because they believe that the achievements seen are a culmination of what has happened amongst everyone in one way or another. They have more dynamic methods and innovative ways of making the best. The secret is in constantly challenging oneself and raising the bar each time with the aim of achieving more than one achieved yesterday.

Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario in the year 1949 on April 30. He went to Ridley College where he majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. In 1971, Gregory J Aziz joined his family wholesale food enterprise called Affiliated Foods, and within 16 years, the company had grown largely. It provided fresh foods to major parts of the world like Central & South America, Europe, and across the United States and Eastern Canada. They are supplying and distributing goods to several wholesale markets.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Greg Aziz worked with many investment-banking opportunities in the New York market then. After that, Greg was in a position to plan for the purchase of the National Steel Car from the Dofasco in the year 1994. His main goal was to transform the Canadian company to be North America’s leading railroad freight car engineer and manufacturer. Some of the core disciplines that he instilled at National Steel Car was team building, considerable investments, engineering abilities, and expanding the manufacturing market. This led to rapid growth in the employment sector from 600 to around 3,000. As a result of his wishes and ambitions, Gregory Aziz has enabled the National Steel Car to achieve a leading role in the industry with so many innovations for new cars and new railroad freight cars.

Interesting to note, the company is now a leading service provider in the best services in the industry with thousands of products being sold every year. National Steel Car is dedicated to some charities within the Hamilton community and has been involved in sponsoring the Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera and other local charities in reaching out to the needy in the society. Go To This Page for related information.