Find Success like Market America CEO

Market America CEO JR Ridinger found success by prioritizing his health and spirituality. Ridinger believes that there is no success without health healthy and there is no life without enlightenment. Many budding entrepreneurs are given the advice that to succeed, they must plan, work, work, improvise, and then more work. Successful businesses owners have definitely put in the work, but JR Ridinger includes an additional step.

The extra part of Ridinger’s success plan is to make smart investments. Entrepreneurs are well-versed in investments, but a lot of the time they forget to invest in the source of the success first: themselves. It makes sense; it would be illogical to expect quality work from an exhausted and malnourished CEO. Not only does a refreshed mind a body do better work, but it ensures that the body and mind will last longer.

Time can be an expensive resource. Because of that, people choose to use their time on income-generating activities. But just like any expense, sometimes the ROI is worth it. By taking 2 hours a day, the Market America CEO fuels his body with nutrition, strengthens himself for endurance, and fortifies his mind with meditation. Ridinger’s final trick to success is to identify a passion and make that the work. When your passion is how you generate money, success is inevitable.